Brief description of the disease

 Angioedema Facial
 The disease is known to us as angioedema - this is nothing like a severe allergic reaction to external stimuli. The disease manifests itself extensive and, most importantly, sudden swelling of the skin, muscles, subcutaneous tissue and fascia. Especially dangerous is the fact that angioedema, symptoms of which appear at any age, often resulting in life-threatening condition and the absence of emergency a person can die.

A few words about what are allergies. As a rule, they are understood as any of the processes, which are the body's response to the introduction of something foreign, such as pollen, poison injected by the bite of insects or certain foods. All allergic reactions are divided into immediate and delayed. Angioedema treatment to be carried out without delay, the second type, that is, it is most dangerous. After contact with the stimulus, the patient begins to produce huge amounts of histamine. He, in turn, causes severe swelling of tissues and numerous violations of the basic systems.

Angioedema - causes of the disease

Allergens induce tissue edema, increased vascular permeability and an intense release of mediators (histamine, cytokines, prostaglandins and several others). As allergen may make foods, dust, pollen, drugs, cold or bright sunlight. It is because of the diversity of precipitating factors angioedema in adults and children is a great danger to the life, because no one can predict what his body will react next time.

Angioedema - symptoms

Initially, there is swelling of tissues in the lips, eyelids, cheeks, oral mucosa and scrotum, ie in areas with loose subcutaneous tissue. Himself edema - tight and not pressed when clicked, which is associated with a high content of protein in the fluid filling it. In most cases, the formation takes place 2-3 days after emergence. The exception is when the swelling of tissues leads to disturbances in the internal organs. For example, angioedema, appears in the throat (it accounts for more than 30% of reported cases of injury), accompanied by a "barking" cough, hoarseness, shortness of breath, change in skin color. If time does not assist in angioedema, the patient may die of suffocation.

Angioedema - treatment of the disease

Since the body's allergic reaction takes place very rapidly and unpredictably, it is very important how quickly a patient assisted. Wait for the arrival of "first" is often no time, so you should know exactly what should be done before the arrival of professionals. Pre-hospital ambulance at angioedema involves the following activities:

  • eliminate harmful effects of the allergen;
  • Reassure the patient, remove the emotional stress, provide psychological relief, as it will allow more effective to deal with a sudden attack;
  • Provide fresh air, remove the person belt and tie, unbutton clothes from the gate if it is too tight to the throat;
  • reliever apply a cold compress to the edematous area;
  • drip nose drops for vasoconstriction, such as Naphthyzinum.

 Suprastin - a drug for the treatment of angioedema
 About the future should take care doctors. When the diagnosis of angioedema, treatment is based on taking antihistamines (diphenhydramine go suprastin). If the swelling spreads through the body too quickly and can see obvious difficulty breathing, then the patient is administered glucocorticoid steroids. After normalization of the person is admitted to hospital. As a rule, angioedema in adults and children treated in specialized ENT offices. If there is swelling in the throat of the patient is transferred to an intensive care unit or intensive care unit.

Angioedema, which causes extremely varied, it is treated under strict hypoallergenic diet. From a standard diet excludes eggs, wheat, milk, nuts, fish, chocolate, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

Prevention of disease

Find out exactly when the disease will cause your next hit is not possible. The only method of prevention is to avoid allergens, from which a person already suffered in the past. If you are worried about your health, do not be lazy to make a solid information card, which shall include: name of the patient, physician phone, most likely allergens and other important information. This card will help medical team to provide the most effective assistance in angioedema, if trouble finds you unprepared.