Allergic cough

Allergy - a  One of the manifestations of allergies in adults and children is allergic cough
 hyperreactivity of the body, an unusually high response immune to any effects .  Initially, this reaction should wear protective character .  But its expression is so high that the reaction becomes very damaging factor .  Hyperreactivity of the body can be in the form of skin rash, mucosal edema, cough and breathlessness, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis .  One of the manifestations of allergies in adults and children is allergic cough .  The different substances (allergens) cause hyperreactivity of the respiratory tract (trachea and bronchi) .  Pollen allergen can be flowering plants, wool, cats, dogs and other animals, household dust, drugs .  Allergic cough is a manifestation of some illness .  This may be eosinophilic bronchitis, cough variant asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, allergic tracheitis and other diseases .  In order to establish an accurate diagnosis is necessary to see a doctor, get tested .

Signs of an allergic cough

Certain symptoms of allergic cough to help distinguish it from other types of cough. Allergic cough is characterized by recurrence of seizures after exposure to certain allergens, frequent episodes of nocturnal cough, almost complete absence of secretions (sputum). Often allergic cough is accompanied by signs of bronchospasm, rhinitis, conjunctivitis: shortness of breath, a feeling of lack of air, abundant runny nose, watery eyes. Signs of an allergic cough in children are the same as in adults. To establish a diagnosis sometimes prescribe chest radiography, bronchoscopy, spirography. Symptoms of allergic cough can assess therapist for further evaluation is sometimes necessary consult an allergist, pulmonologist.

Treatment of allergic cough

The first task in the treatment of this cough is finding the allergen provoking attacks of this condition. Here it is necessary to analyze the situation in which most often occurs cough, his season, due to the presence of domestic animals. Furthermore, specially designed to help diagnose skin tests. The standard range of allergens that are used for this analysis help identify the specific cause of the cough. After the allergen is defined, it is necessary to isolate the patient from exposure. if this  For the treatment of allergic cough use special sprays
 food - to exclude it from the menu if the animal - will have to give pet in good hands .  Sometimes the impact is quite difficult to avoid the allergen .  In this case you should try at least to limit the impact of adverse factors - several times a day to wash nasal passages with saline (available at pharmacies), use a humidifier .  The anti-allergy are advised to observe a special diet that excludes major provoking foods (citrus fruits, strawberries, fish, chicken, eggs, peanuts) .  Patients need to stop smoking and avoid smoke-filled rooms .  You should also limit contact with household chemicals and only use hypoallergenic cosmetics, cleaning products .  For the treatment of allergic cough in adults and children are widely used antihistamines .  They may be in the form of tablets or injection administered .  Quite often prescribe anti-allergy sprays .  In their structure there are antihistamines, bronchodilators or hormones .  Of course, all of these drugs should choose a specialist for the patient .  Self-medication is dangerous and can lead to a deterioration .  Treatment of allergic cough in children is a particularly important task, since ignoring the problem, you can trigger the development of a child's asthma .