Brief description of the disease

Acne - a disease associated with damage to the skin of the human body caused by the activities of a microscopic mite domodeksa. The carriers of the parasite are at least 80% of the population, but the vast majority of people domodeks does not manifest itself until until conditions are created for its active breeding. The reasons for which an demodekoz person is not fully understood. By the predisposing factors of the disease include:

  • irregularities in the digestive and endocrine systems;
  • low immunity;
  • abuse of cosmetics (for this reason, by the way, are much more likely demodekoz manifested in women than in men);
  • predilection for strong, black coffee, alcohol, spicy foods and other foods that at all desire can not be considered beneficial to the body;
  • overreliance bath and solarium;
  • prolonged sitting in front of a computer and a sedentary lifestyle.

Acne - symptoms and clinical picture

 Demodex - a parasite causing demodekoz
 The most striking features of the activities of the mites are ulcers and sores, acne, excessive oiliness of the skin, discoloration of the skin, then the expansion, itching in different areas of the scalp, watery eyes, loss of eyelashes and hair.

As mentioned above, the in healthy people Demodex does not show himself but the presence of concomitant favorable factors are strongly activated. Females selected mites on the skin surface "dive" into the free sebaceous glands and lay eggs deep in the skin. After some time, one new mites hatch. So there demodekoz treatment which may take many months or even years.

In the place where it was made masonry, there is inflammation, a rash develops in the formation of blackheads and acne. Most often seen demodekoz face at the nose, eyes and lips. Over time, the disease progresses. The skin on your face becomes uneven, covered with nodules, ulcers and sores. It goes face becomes puffy and gets earthy-gray. Acne in humans leads to disruption of facial features and other factors that reduce the quality of life. Especially unpleasant if there rhinophyma - a sharp growth of the skin of the nose, which soon begins to resemble a huge drain.

Acne - Treatment of diseases

 Cryotherapy - an effective method of treatment of demodectic mange
 Treatment of the disease is carried out in the complex, and only after the diagnosis is confirmed by a dermatologist based on laboratory tests. In 70% of cases of mites can be detected when examining the skin samples under a microscope, but nowadays there are much more sophisticated techniques to identify not only the fact of demodex, but also to assess the level of threat.

Acne, the symptoms of which have been adequately assessed in the early stages of the disease cured fairly easily. The course lasts for more than 4 weeks and avoids many serious complications. With the chronic form of the disease is much more difficult. In this case, the patient's complete recovery may take months, even years. However, the result is worth the effort, because demodekoz a man causes a lot of problems, including difficulties in communicating with other people and clearly perceived psychological discomfort.

Treatment of demodicosis implies a variety of procedures:

  • antiparasitic and exfoliating treatments - 6% solution of hydrochloric acid, strong sulfur-based ointments, sulfur tar ointments alcohol powder, sodium thiosulfate, cryotherapy;
  •   to protect against allergy take antihistamines;
  • to deal with violations of the acid-base balance are recommended: vitamin therapy, courses of antibiotics (in severe forms), the use of absorbents and procedures to strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • you must adhere to a strict diet, eliminate from the diet fried and fatty foods, and too spicy or salty foods;
  • at the time it is necessary to abandon the beauty treatments, hikes in the solarium or in the bath, and then abuse them is not necessary, because demodekoz a person may be secondary;
  • strict compliance with the rules of sanitation and personal hygiene of the body.

Once again, we note that demodekoz being treated without study analyzes only on the basis of complaints of the patient, may actually be the acne or rosacea. Accordingly, the selected treatment does not lead to the desired results. To avoid this, carefully choose the treating physician, who should take into account the many diverse nuances, beginning with the way your skin carries water and ending with the fact whether you have intestinal disorders. Only in the case of competent approach you can cure demodekoz and get rid of ticks.