Lung abscess

General characteristics of the disease

Collection of pus called abscesses in the tissues of various organs. With respect to the lungs abscess is usually localized within the lung tissue, while its development greatly complicates comorbidities and often leads to severe pathological conditions.

Lung abscess - symptoms and clinical picture

 Lung abscess

In medicine, it decided to allocate gangrenous, acute and chronic lung abscess. All of these forms are due obezvozdushnosti lung tissue and subsequent inflammation that disrupts the flow of blood within the body and contributes to the development of toxins. Gangrene caused by pyogenic flora (staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli), as well as mycobacteria, fungi and parasites.

  • acute lung abscess is characterized by severe pain in the chest, hemoptysis, shortness of breath, a strong cough with purulent sputum. The patient's condition may improve temporarily after breaking abscess cavity in the bronchus. Thus suddenly a large amount of sputum, has a characteristic putrid odor;
  • chronic lung abscess occurs on the background of exacerbation and remission. During an exacerbation of the patient is showing signs of acute abscess. During remission rate of chest pain is reduced, however, the person increases the number of purulent sputum, there is a barking cough, night sweats. In addition, patients become fatigued very quickly.

If time does not diagnose acute lung abscess and does not care about his treatment, the possibility of the disease in the gangrenous form. Gangrene - a purulent inflammation of the lung tissue, which is spreading rapidly across the surface of the body and causes it to necrosis.

As a rule, men predominate among patients, which is quite natural, given that it is a strong half of mankind smoking and alcohol abuse, which lead to the disruption of the normal functioning of the upper respiratory tract.

Note that lung abscess being treated improperly, it gives rise to many serious complications. Among them stands out:

  • pulmonary hemorrhage;
  • Breakthrough abscess cavity with subsequent development pneumoempyema;
  • amyloidosis;
  • secondary bronchiectasis;
  • septicopyemia.

Lung abscess - Treatment and prognosis

 Treatment of lung abscess

On the successful treatment of the patient the most direct influence early diagnosis of the disease and timely treatment prescribed. This is only possible if the gangrene is determined by highly qualified specialists in the conditions of modern diagnostic laboratories.

The diagnosis of "lung abscess" is an absolute indication for surgery. The purpose of the operation - open purulent cavity to take care of her emptying and drainage of pus. If the patient is found superficial abscesses of internal organs, the treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis. In other cases, patients are subject to immediate hospitalization in a surgical department.

Since gangrene leading to tissue necrosis, a sick person may be appointed to conduct a puncture aspiration of pus. In the cavity of the body are introduced enzyme preparations and antibiotics to prevent the spread of inflammation and rapid tissue regeneration. Resection (removal of an organ) is carried out only if the person is diagnosed running chronic lung abscess, has led to numerous complications and irreversible changes in the internal organs.

Once opened and will be removed lung abscess, treatment is to provide adequate nutrition, blood transfusion and the appointment of substitutes. Antibiotics are used with caution in view of individual sensitivity to them of microflora. Good results show means of specific therapy - gamma globulin and staphylococcal toxoid. In some cases, the patient is a correction of metabolic disorders.

As for predictions. If the patient is found in time of acute lung abscess, the prognosis is favorable treatment. Of course, this is true for those cases when the doctor is at the disposal of modern equipment and all the necessary preparations. Late operation or improper conduct of its result to the fact that a person develops a chronic abscess or gangrene. The success of treatment in such cases depends on the qualifications of staff, the degree of inflammation and the individual characteristics of the patient.

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