The causes of emotional lability in children
 From the point of view of the physiology of higher nervous activity emotion means the impulse to action. The word is derived from the Latin verb «emovere» - stir. With regard to the object of emotion excitement is the cerebral cortex, which generates mental reactions. According to the teachings of Academician Anokhin, any motivation generated by emotion. Moreover, before starting the functional system of emotion is considered negative until a positive result. If the target would be unattainable, the emotion will be negative. When the nervous system is weakened, there is emotional lability, which is characterized by instantaneous response to any stimuli. It does not matter with what is familiar - "plus" or "minus".

Emotionally labile personality is equally sensitive to the positive and negative stressors. Changes in climate cause instantaneous, violent reaction. The man is crying from happiness, or, on the contrary, creates resentment hysterical laughter. This is manifested emotional lability, unlike stability. The opposite condition is called rigidity in psychology and psychiatry - flattening of emotional. The absence of emotion is much more dangerous to human health. Loss of motivation will lead to exhaustion than an explosion of emotions.

Emotional lability, symptoms

Disorders emotionally unstable personality characterized by impulsiveness, spontaneous behavior in the absence of self-control and without considering the possible consequences. This affective outbreaks occur on trivial grounds. In psychiatry it refers to the border states of emotional lability, whose symptoms manifest depending on the individual store. There are two types of emotional weakness:

  • Impulsive;
  • Border.

When disorder emotional sphere of impulsive type develops persistent state of dysphoria, ie maliciously melancholy mood, intermittent outbursts of anger .  People who have an emotional lability, quarrelsome in the team, because I always claim to leadership without taking into account their own abilities .  In family life, excitable personality complain everyday activities, regarding them as routine and not worthy of attention .  So often there are conflicts, accompanied by the smashing of crockery and the use of physical violence against family members .  Man uncompromising, vindictive, vindictive .  In the absence of progression of emotional lability age is smoothed, and 30-40 years calm excitable men, "Full of life experience" .  Women tend to be violent emotional outbursts fading after birth .  This is due to changes in hormonal levels during the childbearing .

Under adverse conditions, patients lead chaotic lives, often resort to receive alcohol, which leads to the commission of aggressive antisocial behavior.

Edge type of personality disorder characterized by elevated impressionable, bright imagination, enthusiasm increased. This gives rise to emotional lability workaholics. People with borderline emotional sphere easily served another's influence. They are easy and fun to take over "bad habits", encourage community norms of behavior. Borderline personality rush from one extreme to another, so often break marital relations, dismissed from their jobs and change their place of residence.

Emotional lability in children

The Company has adopted the view that naughty children - the result of poor parenting. This is true, but only partly. There is a correlation between lack of attention and the development of neurasthenia syndrome in children. Fasten emotional lability in children leads to nervous exhaustion, which in turn strengthens the mental reaction. Kid requires more attention, so happy with "scenes". This is typical of the hysterical personality development. People with psycho, they say, hard to please. Strict upbringing engenders protests, reinforcing emotional lability, indulging the whims of any leads to similar results.

If the terms surrounding the child is not deprived of the attention, cause a heightened perception of the changes of the environment should be seen as the development of neurosis. Neurotic disorders, in turn, to be treated.

Emotional lability, treatment of neuroses

 Emotional lability - etiology and manifestations
 The reasons for neurotic conditions are stressful situation. If you troubleshoot the cause disappears emotional lability - psychiatric treatment ensures positive results with timely treatment. Pay attention to the child from an early age. The manifestations of negativism - denying claims of adults - parents should guard.

When old age formed emotional lability, drugs for the treatment aimed at improving blood circulation in the brain. If the nervous anxiety caused by organic lesions of the nervous system, also appears emotional lability, treatment of which is to combat major diseases. It is the work of neurosurgeons and neurologists.

Neuroprotective drugs that are sold without prescription, indicated for all kinds of emotional instability. It has a good effect herbal sedatives.

There is a big difference between conventional notions and medical diagnoses. Especially when developing emotional lability, drugs for the treatment of which should be taken only on the advice of a specialist psychiatrist. A psychologist, of course, has a positive effect, but does not eliminate the causes of mental disorders.