Methods of diagnosis of Raynaud's syndrome
 All functional systems of the human body may suffer from various diseases. It is no exception, and the system of blood supply. A large number of pathological conditions which can disturb the process of supply of organs and tissues. Among them are quite rare ailment, such as Raynaud's syndrome. As a rule, it is a complication of a variety of diseases, but often occurs independently. Clinical manifestations caused by a spasm of the capillaries.

Disease and Raynaud's syndrome

Circulatory problems can be triggered by a variety of pathological processes in the body. Often it develops in the background of other diseases, and which are aimed, above all, the main therapeutic measures. However, it may be a spasm of the capillaries and self disease and Raynaud's syndrome. What is the difference between these concepts?

"Unexplained" appearance of vascular spasms in the limbs without the explicit diseases in other organs and systems, says the increased excitability of the nervous system. This feature of the body leads to a sharp imbalance between stimulus and response vessels at him. Of course, short-term spasm of the capillaries as a defensive reaction, for example, exposure to cold, occasionally occurs in any person. Pathology is to increase the strength and durability of spasm in response to a slight decrease in temperature.

The presence of other diseases may slightly reduce the value of such a problem, as a violation of blood flow to the fingers and toes. As a result of the absence of adequate therapy develops Raynaud's syndrome. This is a condition in which the symptoms and consequences of spasm capillaries become quite noticeable. They begin to adversely affect the well-being on a par with the main manifestations of the disease.

Raynaud's phenomenon, the reasons

Any abnormality of the body is under a certain basis and immediately affects health. When Raynaud's syndrome causes of sickness are several factors. Some of them causes the disease, directly at the background of which there are capillary spasms. It may be endocrine disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid problems. Also, "the primary source" are often degenerative changes in the spine.

The result is a failure of the autonomic nervous system which leads to an increase in its excitability. As a consequence, the body responds to a strong reaction in the form of a spasm of the capillaries even at a slight stimulus. The role of the catalyst can play a pathological process temperature fluctuations, as well as the emotional experiences, both positive and negative.

Raynaud's syndrome is caused not only a violation of innervation of peripheral vessels. One of the causes of abnormal reaction of the body is weak capillary walls. This combination of negative factors and causes such severe consequences, what are irreversible trophic changes in the fingers extremities.

Raynaud's syndrome, symptoms

Poor circulation in the capillaries is always quite pronounced.

It is characterized by a constant feeling of cold in the hands and feet, which is independent of the ambient temperature. Typically limbs are affected symmetrically, may also suffer chin and tip of the nose, earlobes. When symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome, peripheral vascular spasm superimposed on manifestations of the underlying disease.

It is noted for paroxysmal disease. Aggravation begins with a sharp narrowing of peripheral vascular disease, which is manifested by pallor and chilliness fingers. After some time, the skin becomes blue color of the fingers, a strong pain. Gradually the capillaries dilate, the limbs are warming and becoming red. Recurrent attacks lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the fingertips, damage to the skin, the appearance of venous ulcers.

Raynaud's syndrome whose symptoms usually occur in parallel with the other features of the disease often causes difficulty in diagnosis. Important criteria in this situation are the indicators such as the symmetry of the affected limb, durability and strength of spasm, and its frequency of occurrence.

Raynaud's syndrome, treatment

Violation of peripheral blood circulation is capable of causing serious consequences. In connection with the continuously emerging vascular spasm is much worse quality of life. Violation of trophic tissue often leads to gangrene of the fingers, which means amputation. When Raynaud's syndrome treatment should be complex, it is carried almost all his life.

 Raynaud's syndrome - treatment and consequences
 Of great importance to facilitate the course of the disease is to eliminate or limit contact with the factors that contribute to vascular spasm. This exposure to cold and moisture on the skin, as well as smoking, high stress. In the presence of occupational hazards should think about changing jobs.

Treatment for Raynaud's syndrome involves the use of drugs of different pharmacological groups, as well as physical therapy and massage. The complex of medical measures aimed not only at improving blood flow to the extremities, but the cause of the underlying disease.

Although Raynaud's syndrome treatment of folk remedies is not a panacea, it is possible to use some of the tips in conjunction with drug therapy. First of all, the use of baths with essential oils of pine trees and the use of herbal infusions.

Spasm of the smallest vessels can negatively affect health. To preserve the health need time to seek medical attention and follow all the doctor's orders. It is important to remember that the syndrome of Raynaud's treatment of folk remedies is not able to replace medical therapy.