Turner's Syndrome - an anomaly fetal development
 Prenatal development of the child - a difficult and rather long process. Not always it ends with the birth of a healthy baby absolutely. Among the possible violations of a separate line are chromosomal abnormalities. They vary in severity and can cause the fetus had both physical and later, and mental disorders. One such abnormality is Turner syndrome, which develops mainly in girls.

Turner syndrome, the causes

The disease, known as Turner's syndrome is not very common pathology. This chromosomal abnormality was described at the beginning of the last century. Over the years, the disease sufficiently studied by different specialists. It received its name after the two scientists to identify the main features of this pathology.

Turner syndrome, the causes of which were disclosed later, only in the middle of the last century, due to the deficiency of chromosomes to a child from the parents. Human karyotype consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes, the latter of which determines gender. It can be either the two identical - XX, or two different - XY-chromosomes. In the first case, the body will develop in the female pattern, in the second - male.

Damage or complete absence of one pair of X-chromosome and causes the development of a child of Turner's syndrome, signs of which are already evident at birth. In the beginning of fetal development is normal chromosome set composition. However, germ cells regress rapidly and as a result, the baby is born, having a defective karyotype.

Turner's syndrome, symptoms

Already in the neonatal period the child can see the characteristics of physical disabilities. It is characterized by low growth and low birth weight. On the side of the neck are the wing skin folds, hairline significantly reduced, the ears are underdeveloped, there is swelling of the feet. A distinctive feature of this child as he matures, it becomes very low growth.

When Turner's syndrome symptoms are sufficiently numerous. Most typical are the three of them. This sexual underdevelopment, skin folds on the neck and elbows anomaly. Also, there may be deafness, congenital ptosis - drooping century heart defects. Although the intelligence of most patients with this anomaly saved, yet the frequency of mental retardation among them is much higher than that of normal children.

As they get older patient with Turner's syndrome symptoms of abnormalities in sexual development appear brighter. There are no secondary sexual characteristics, there is amenorrhea due to underdevelopment of the uterus and ovaries.

Turner's syndrome, treatment

As a chromosomal abnormality syndrome Turner to be only symptomatic treatment. That patients can lead a normal life, it is still necessary to receive medical care. In early treatment is aimed at stimulating growth, while appointed by the anabolic steroids and growth hormone. The child surgically removing the wing-producing skin folds around the neck. Provide the necessary assistance in congenital malformations that can be dangerous to life, in the first place - in cardiac anomalies.  Low growth and low weight - the symptoms of Turner's syndrome

During the onset of puberty in girls with Turner's syndrome treatment is carried out with the help of female hormones. This contributes to the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, the formation of the female body type, a certain increase in the uterus and ovaries. Carrying out this treatment in combination with modern reproductive technologies allow subsequently safely carry a child.

Thus, Turner's syndrome, the symptoms of which clearly speak about infertility, to date, not a sentence for a woman. It can be quite a full life, despite the difficult hereditary disease.

Of course, the birth of a child with Turner's syndrome, as well as any other anomaly is a big shock for parents. However, timely and systematic medical care can significantly compensate for the shortcomings in its development. In this situation, in addition to the therapeutic component, for the younger child is very important to support people close to him.