The joy of a long-awaited meeting with the first warm days may well overshadow the extremely painful condition - sunstroke, is a disorder of brain function.

The emergence of sunstroke always precedes a long future to find the victim in direct sunlight (as opposed to thermal shock when health disorder comes from the general overheating of the body). In its etiology sunstroke also belongs to the category hyperthermic conditions (significant temperature overheating), only local character - hyperthermia brain. Showed symptoms of heat stroke may almost immediately or within a few hours after exposure to the open air under the scorching rays of the sun.

Sunstroke is not as harmless as usual assumed t. To. Overheated brain will inevitably cause severe (and sometimes permanent) violation of the metabolic processes responsible for the maintenance of vital functions of the whole organism - respiratory, cardiovascular, circulatory, endocrine secretions and other organs and systems.

In particularly difficult cases, and in the absence of first aid for sunstroke in the affected person may come a disorder of the nervous trophic and sensory loss, develop paralysis of varying severity, and there are cases of death.

Causes sunstroke

As mentioned above, the cause of sunstroke is a pathogenic human exposure to direct sunlight. In its mechanics sunstroke more dangerous heat stroke, due to the fact that a negative temperature factor joins infrared solar radiation. Radiation is capable of infrared heat to warm up not only the surface tissues of the body, but located deep inside. That is why the sunstroke occurs extremely dangerous to human life and health condition - overheating neurons thermoregulatory center in the brain.

Prolonged exposure of the victim in such a state, and failure to provide timely assistance in sunstroke leads to the development of arterial hyperemia severe. The human brain, as we know, is in a confined space, the closed cranial bones, so rapid and excessive blood circulation in the brain vessels leading to his physical squeezing with all its consequences.

Symptoms of heat stroke

Symptoms of heat stroke may be identical to the beginning of the inflammatory process and the person far from medicine, not easy to give an adequate assessment of the situation. It is therefore essential, in the event of the slightest suspicion of sunstroke (especially when it comes to young children), time to seek help in a specialized medical facility.

The victim as a result of sunstroke person rapidly becomes sluggish, apathetic. Begin throbbing or dull headaches in the occipital and frontal areas. Often there may be a sudden and significant increase in total body temperature (reaches 40 degrees or more). Also, you may experience confusion, light-headedness, fainting.

First aid for sunstroke

The first thing that needs to be done to assist with sunstroke - transported the injured man in the shadows. On the occipital and frontal part of the head is necessary to apply cold compresses or roll up the whole head with a towel soaked in cold water.

 First aid for sunstroke
 If there is a significant increase in temperature, it is possible to apply before the arrival of the doctor antipyretics.

A prerequisite first aid for sunstroke is to restore water balance in the body - the victim is required to give a cool drink (in any case, not too cold) water, preferably acidulated with lemon juice.