Dandy Walker Syndrome - prognosis for life
 Congenital malformations in children - a very common phenomenon throughout the world. These diseases can have different degrees of severity, and to provide a particular impact on the growing organism. Among the large number of possible anomalies in the most serious in its consequences is considered Dandy Walker syndrome. This congenital hypoplasia of the brain, which interferes with the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid - the liquid that provides the power of brain tissue. Furthermore, there is a cerebellar hypoplasia. Pathological signs indicating the presence of severe defect in the fetus, directly observed during pregnancy.

Dandy Walker anomaly, symptoms

Congenital disease can be detected in a child still in the process of gestation. After 20 weeks of pregnancy during an ultrasound examination of the fetus are clearly visible the typical symptoms of this disease. Confirmation of the diagnosis, Dandy Walker syndrome, first of all, are signs of brain damage. This formation of cysts in the region of fossa, hypoplasia of the cerebellum, as well as the expansion of the fourth ventricle of the brain. As the fetus grows symptoms. Become visible cleft lip and palate, syndactyly, kidney abnormalities.

If, for any reason, fetal ultrasound have been made, pathology Dandy Walker revealed, in most cases, almost immediately after birth. Because of increased intracranial pressure the kid behaves very restless, he develops hydrocephalus, marked muscle spasms, involuntary oscillatory movement of the eyes - nystagmus. Perhaps the course of the disease and no signs of hydrocephalus.

At older ages, the Dandy Walker syndrome begins to show cerebellar symptoms. A child disturbed coordination of movements, which creates problems when walking up to the impossibility of independent movement. However, the main symptom of the disease - a significant intellectual underdevelopment, almost not subject to correction. In addition, the pathology of the Dandy Walker possible presence of comorbid medical problems. First of all, malformations of the heart and kidney abnormalities in the structure of the face, fingers and toes, as well as vision problems.

Dandy Walker Syndrome, causes

Modern medicine can not quite say exactly why there are certain defects of fetal development. Of course, there are certain risk factors that can cause congenital abnormalities in the fetus. In forming the Dandy Walker syndrome often are the cause of the viral disease transferred by the mother during pregnancy, especially during the first three months. The greatest danger in this case are rubella and cytomegalovirus infection. A significant role in the occurrence of abnormalities in the child Dandy Walker plays the mother of the future availability of this exchange of severe diseases such as diabetes.

Very often, the development of the pathology bears a child is observed in women suffering from chronic alcoholism. It is in these mothers, most of the identified cases, children are born suffering from Dandy Walker syndrome. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of women who abuse alcohol, it is irresponsible to childbearing. With such a rough pathology development as Dandy Walker malformation, abortion is often recommended for medical reasons. The absence of timely ultrasound leads to the birth of a baby with a serious birth defect.

It should be noted that the Dandy Walker syndrome is caused reasons may be and hereditary. Nevertheless, most often observed sporadic cases. It evokes a feeling of loss of future parents, learn about the confirmation of the diagnosis, and puts them in front of a serious choice.

Dandy Walker Syndrome, treatment and prognosis

Congenital can have different degrees of severity, which requires an appropriate approach to its correction. If you have a severe defect Dandy Walker born baby usually dies in the first months of life. If the existing anomaly incompatible with life, the further development of such mental baby is very problematic. It will have a very low level of intelligence, inaccessible correctional training. Thus, with Dandy Walker syndrome, the child's development forecast is very unfavorable.

 Dandy Walker Syndrome - Causes and Treatment
 Treatment of this anomaly is almost does not make sense. However, with increasing hydrocephalus require surgery. To reduce intracranial pressure bypass surgery is conducted the fourth ventricle of the brain that helps to drain cerebrospinal fluid. When Dandy Walker syndrome is only symptomatic treatment, as an intellectual underdevelopment of the patient is not subject to correction. Also significantly impaired motor function of his body. In severe cases, the child does not go on their own and not sitting.

Also, you need to remember about Dandy Walker syndrome related diseases. Many of them require medical intervention. This heart defects and abnormalities of the kidneys, and Maxillofacial Pathology. These diseases significantly complicate the already difficult primary diagnosis.

Identification of anomalies in the fetus Dandy Walker puts potential parents a choice - continue the pregnancy or to give birth to a child with an incurable disease. In this situation it is difficult to advise anything. However, taking a decision on the extension of pregnancy, it should be remembered that the sick child all his life will require help from their parents. And since when Dandy Walker syndrome forecast of a child is very problematic, we need to be seriously to take such an important decision.