Emotions - that's what makes us human. We express our feelings of facial expressions, gestures, intonation, and, seeing the same signals judge the emotional state of others. Children with Asperger's hard to express the emotions and have difficulty in communicating with peers, preferring a small range of interests and hobbies. It is believed that this disease was at such famous people like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Next we will discuss treatment and the main symptoms of Asperger's syndrome.

Asperger Syndrome - Symptoms

Asperger syndrome - a common developmental disorder, which is characterized by difficulties in social interaction, and limiting the scope of interests and activities a little stereotypical repertoire. Outwardly, this disorder can resemble autism, but unlike the latter capacity for speech and knowledge persist.

The symptoms of Asperger's syndrome are united in a characteristic "triad":

  • Violations of communication;
  • The difficulty in maintaining cooperation;
  • Social imagination.

 Asperger's Syndrome
 Violations of communication imply difficulty understanding gestures, facial expressions and intonations, choosing topics for conversation. Children with Asperger's can not begin and end the conversation, do not understand the jokes and metaphors, do not distinguish between the meaning of difficult words and phrases, although they may use them.

These guys are hard to maintain friendly relations, do not understand the ethical standards, often show incorrect behavior and seem withdrawn, apathetic, indifferent and aloof.

As for imagination, then these children is rich and varied, but to demonstrate its results around is difficult. They do not always understand the point of view of other people wrongly interpret their feelings, actions and thoughts. A characteristic feature of Asperger syndrome: role-playing games are difficult, but well mastered the game logic.

In general, the disease is characterized by anxiety and restlessness during intercourse, obsession with passion, the desire for order, unnatural speech, often all accompanied by sensory impairments. If any of these symptoms should be tested for Asperger syndrome.

Asperger's Syndrome and communication difficulties

From birth to three years, for obvious reasons there are no signs of Asperger's syndrome, but appear at the time of socialization. It becomes monotonous and weakened facial expression - frozen voice - soft and sharp, and the range of interests is limited to a narrow set of repetitive exercises. For a child is characterized by an active, but a short-term focus, the view remains devastated.

All these symptoms have their effect on the child's personality. At the tender age a child can be too quiet or too irritable, having difficulty falling asleep and capricious in food preferences. When it comes time to attend kindergarten, kids are difficult to adapt to the team, not willing to part with their parents and are excluded from other children.

Experiencing stress when communicating, children are often sick and losing at the time of illness with peers become even more alienated. As a result, the school exacerbated the symptoms of Asperger syndrome.

In school, kids are often outcasts, and not difficult to understand why this is happening. Not being able to express their emotions, students with Asperger's classmates seem inadequate, selfish, callous, which is not surprising given the fact that these children do not respond well to touch other people avoid looking his interlocutor in the eye, do not take other people's ideas. And though it may seem that they do not aspire to social contacts and loneliness such children suffer with difficulty.

Features intelligence

Symptoms of Asperger syndrome hinder socialization, but they do not affect intelligence. In mental development, such children not only do not lag behind age norms, but often exceed it. As a rule, they have a phenomenal memory and knowledge of the world is truly encyclopedic, yet in practice, this knowledge is applied with difficulty.

As we have noted, the range of interests of these children, as a rule, is limited, but due to the ability to concentrate on the little things in their favorite pastime they achieve stunning successes. Typically, they are impressed by such subjects as mathematics, philosophy, history, geography.

Children with Asperger's syndrome are not willing to communicate, but it does not have problems with speech. They build a grammatically correct sentences, but pronounce them monotonous and unnatural voice, and speech itself in this book may seem too and templates. However, writing such children express their thoughts better than in conversation.

Motor skills and sensory characteristics

For children with Asperger's syndrome characterized by pedantry - they prefer an ordered life and routine, and any spontaneous intervention in the usual mode only provoke anxiety. This can be expressed in the fact that the child refuses to try new dishes, sensitive to a variety of unexpected stimuli - bright lights, noise of cars, tactile contact with other people.

If ordinary children afraid of the dark, of strangers or unwilling to be alone, when Asperger syndrome quite different phobias, such as fear of the wind, rain, harsh sounds, etc. And, nevertheless, the instinct of self-preservation and the need for caution in potentially dangerous situations, such children are not peculiar.

As for the motor, when children with Asperger syndrome develop work coordination. This is evident in such simple operations as buttoning buttons, tying shoelaces, for the same reason they suffer handwriting. In general, these clumsy kids, they may be a violation of gait and posture, there are stereotypical obsessive movement.

The test for Asperger syndrome and treatment

 To diagnose the disease using the test for Asperger cider
 It may seem that the signs of Asperger's syndrome - only the result of improper upbringing, but in fact the disorder is associated with specific changes in brain development. Possible causes include genetic predisposition disease, viral infections during the first months of pregnancy.

To diagnose the disease using the test for Asperger cider, developed by psychologists at Cambridge Centre for the Study of autism and other neuropsychological research. Sometimes, however, a fall survey results are quite adequate and emotionally people. In addition to the test methods used Asperger syndrome baby monitor, a survey of parents and teachers, as well as neurological diagnostic methods that allow you to exclude organic brain damage.

Specific treatment of Asperger syndrome does not exist. In mild cases, deviations are compensated by the work of teachers and psychologists. The complex - required antipsychotics, psychostimulants and antidepressants, as well as training, physiotherapy and speech therapy classes. As a rule, the problem child with Asperger's syndrome can not be solved completely, but growing, it can create a family and to achieve greater success in the areas that interested him.