Cancer of the lips

Brief description of the disease

 Symptoms of mouth cancer

Cancer of the lips, as well as many other malignancies, is a consequence of another disease, usually for a long time is in the chronic form.

Cancer of the lips comes from the stratified squamous epithelium of the vermilion border, and, often, lower lip (more than 90% of cases). Lip cancer is more common among rural residents and people older than 60 years, especially in heavy smokers.

Causes of lip cancer

As mentioned above, the lips exposed to cancer villagers, and not by accident. Prolonged exposure to the sun - one of the causes of lip cancer. They also include mechanical and lip injury, the effects of high temperatures and carcinogens, chronic inflammatory processes. However, in the first place can be safely put three causes of lip cancer: smoking, consumption nasvay and alcohol abuse - all of them are "trigger" in the development of lip cancer and cancer of the tongue and mouth.

Symptoms of mouth cancer

In the first place the emergence of "enemy" cells react chinstraps lymph nodes, inflamed and become mobile. They can be easy to spot, feeling the lower jaw. Next, on the surface of the lower lip swelling occurs, which is slightly itchy and has a dense texture. Even if you have any of these symptoms of lip cancer, most likely you do not pay attention to it and take a cold. At this time in the center of the swelling has formed a sore valikoobraznym edge has fuzzy boundaries. In the center of the sores - crust, which itself is painless, but when you remove it can cause pain. If you remove the crust, you can see the bleeding base formed tubercles.

Symptoms of mouth cancer can not see at an early stage, but in the future they will make themselves known. The tumor may develop slowly, in some cases this process can continue for several years. Soon it appears around it infiltrates - the accumulation of cancer cells mixed with blood. You can also notice that the lymph nodes are significantly compacted and lip became less mobile, and if fused with the jaw, and in this state man simply becomes difficult to eat. Then there is a small lip deformity, there is the uncontrolled outflow of saliva. Gradually the tumor tissue decomposes, and against the background of an eating disorder develops cachexia (exhaustion). Metastatic tumors may spread to the lymph nodes, which subsequently begin to turn into infiltrates. Metastasis also can affect the bones, thus destroying the jaw.

Cancer Treatment lips

Cancer of the lower lip can be cured, and there is evidence that: a complete cure of cancer lips at the 4th degree - 55%, while the 1st and 2nd - as much as 98%! Treatment lip cancer depends on the extent and stage of the tumor, and the age of the patient and his presence of other diseases.

Surgical treatment is applied to lip cancer if the tumor has sprouted in deep tissues of the mouth floor or in the lower jaw. It carried out a complex operation in which part / completely removed the lower jaw or bottom of the mouth. This operation is performed only if the tumor is localized cancer of the lips, ie, It does not spread to other organs.

Often used ray method, the essence of which is to conduct a short-X-ray or gamma-therapy. I must say that this method of treatment of cancer lips unsafe and may cause side effects such as hair loss, fatigue, burn skin, dryness and peeling of the skin.

The cryogenic method of treatment of cancer or lips cold as possible, but at the first stage where no metastases (or they are rare). This method is good in that it is completely safe for the elderly.

Chemotherapy is usually used for the treatment of cancer lips at the 4th stage. Generally, chemotherapy is used in combination with radiation therapy, the most effective suppression of vital activity of cancer cells and prevent the development of metastases (secondary tumor lesions).

Very effective combination of the two methods - gamma therapy and surgical removal of the tumor.

Cancer prevention lips

Cancer prevention lips simple and consists of the following:

  1. Annual medical examination to help detect cancer lips (and not only) in the early stages;
  2. Early treatment of wounds and cracks on the lips, capable of provoking a tumor;
  3. Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreens;
  4. Hygiene whole mouth.

Remember that lip cancer from smoking and chewing tobacco occurs most often, so give up this addiction that brings suffering to you and your loved ones.