Under an unpleasant hangover understand state occurring after a heavy alcohol drinks reception. Its main symptoms include headache, nausea, intense thirst, weakness, chills and fever, changes in blood pressure.

 Folk remedies for a hangover
 How to get rid of a hangover? This is a relevant question exciting many, as heavy physical condition of the morning can occur not only after heavy doses of alcohol, but in the case of alcohol drunk quite a bit.

Hangover cure

Based on the understanding of the mechanism of action of alcohol on the human body, the following steps hangover cure:

  • Toxins. Help cope with intoxication physical methods - gastric lavage and enema and sorbents pharmacy - drugs and liferan lignosorb based on lignin and activated carbon. In order to get rid of toxins, can be taken as a tincture of Siberian Ginseng (20-40 drops before meals) or succinic acid (one tablet per hour - no more than six times a day);
  • Elimination of dehydration. If hangover is important to follow the proper redistribution of body fluids. First, you need to restore the balance of salts, electrolytes by drinking mineral water, cabbage or cucumber brine. Secondly, take the diuretic and simultaneously with sufficient liquid (e.g., water and organic coffee);
  • The normalization of the nervous system. The most effective means of hangover glycine is to be taken each hour by putting the tablet buccally or sublingually but not more than five times per day. Normalize job as the nervous system and heart, helping Pantogamum drugs, Pananginum, mexidol and pikamilon. You can also take pills from a hangover or enterosgel that effectively brings the decay products of alcohol from the body.

How to quickly remove the hangover at home

To cope with a hangover in the morning will help the following program:

  • A cold compress. Take the ice and apply it to the temples for a few minutes. Pain occurs immediately, then you can proceed with recovery;
  • Contrast shower and tub. This method helps to relieve fatigue and relax. In addition, water helps remove toxins;
  • Correct drinks. To combat the remaining blood alcohol suit ordinary mineral water or lemonade with fructose. You can also brew a strong tea with lemon and lemongrass;
  • light breakfast. You can not load the stomach hearty snacks and meals. When treating a hangover preference should be given fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, while also broth, which normalizes metabolism and give strength;
  • Relaxation. It is necessary to lie down, close your eyes and put on the face towel that has been soaked in warm water. This helps get rid of nausea and dizziness, regain strength and become a person healthy and fresh look.

Thanks to the program can be provided quickly enough to recover even without taking pills from a hangover.

How to avoid a hangover

 How to relieve the symptoms of a hangover
 The easiest way - is not to drink alcohol, but if no alcoholic beverages can not do, should adhere to the following tips:

  • Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Before any feast recommended snack. Otherwise, the hangover is not avoided;
  • Give preference to products containing proteins and carbohydrates. Pasta, rice and potatoes will play the role of absorbent. Meat and fish are rich in protein, slow absorption of alcohol and normalize metabolism. But fatty foods has undesirable because it overloads already suffering from the liver;
  • Do not lean on sweets, as it increases the absorption of alcohol;
  • Take breaks between doses of alcohol at least half an hour;
  • Do not mix different alcoholic beverages.

Observing the culture of reception of alcohol, you can forget about hangovers and receive friendly and family feasts only a pleasure, not a headache in the morning.