Brief description of the disease

 Sudamen on the back
 Our story begins with a prickly heat that we list only a small part of its "popular" names. Potnichka, heat shingles, heat sudamen, sudamen simply - all of these definitions apply to the same skin disease. Sudamen in children and adults is characterized by the appearance of redness and scars that are formed as a result of intense sweating, slow evaporation and as a result, clogging of the sweat glands. In some cases, instead of patients rash formed small vesicles, filled with clear content. The disease affects the delicate skin of children, but the coincidence of adverse conditions may appear and sudamen in adults.

The main precipitating factor of the disease is hyperthermia, and increased sweating. For example, widespread today sudamen in newborns occurs because of too much wraps the baby or the use of synthetic clothing that violates the normal gas exchange of the skin. In children, the rash appears much more frequently because the skin grudnichka still imperfect and can not resist aggressive environmental factors. Note also that the prickly heat treatment is usually carried out at home - it is not contagious and is absolutely safe. Nevertheless, the appearance of the rash are advised to consult a doctor immediately, as unpleasant itching in the affected areas gives concern as the baby and mother.

Most often it occurs in children sudamen on the neck, elbow, back and groin folds, ie "slaboventiliruemyh" places. It is these areas of the skin you should pay special attention when choosing clothes and preventive measures.

Sudamen - treatment of the disease

 The drug for the treatment of prickly heat - Alcohol solution of salicylic acid
 If there is a heat rash in adults, treatment is based on strict observance of the hygiene of the body and vitamins, as well as antisense and antihistamines. In the case of infants everything is more complicated, because the standard drugs for them are not suitable. For this reason, sudamen neonatal processed using disinfectants. Currently used: 1-2% alcoholic solution of salicylic acid, an alcohol solution of boric acid and 0, 1% potassium permanganate solution. To remove the itch can be treated lesion antiseptics, which include: fukortsin 1% alcohol solution hlorofillipta and 1% solution of methylene blue.

In the event that a doctor discovered sudamen in children, the treatment is based on regular baths with a decoction of herbs. For them to use only the freshest teas succession, arnica, yarrow and chamomile. The old grass will not go because they do not have the necessary healing power.

If all the above procedures sudamen children disappear in 2-3 days. It is very rare complication of the disease gives the appearance of small bubbles at the site of the rash. If you notice such symptoms should stop and self-refer to a specialist. He will establish the cause of complications and prescribe appropriate treatment. In severe forms of the disease your baby may be given antihistamines.

Prevention of disease

To sudamen in adults and children never made itself felt, you must follow a few simple but effective rules:

  • To sudamen in adults and children never made itself felt, you must follow a few simple but effective rules:
  • without the need to not Kuta child, or at least put on a garment that can be removed if it becomes warm, for example, two light blouse instead of one thick;
  • to prickly heat treatment which gives the child some inconvenience, not a reality - buy clothes made of natural fabrics, providing a natural gas exchange of the skin;
  • if you lubricate the skin cream baby, then in the summer, choose lighter and quickly absorbed composition;
  • in the first six months of a child's life should be bathed every day. The same goes for the summer months, when the skin sweats more intensely;
  • sudamen in infants often occurs as a result of direct sunlight and drafts. It is necessary to completely eliminate their influence. To do this, arrange the baby more often air baths and do not forget to close the window in cold weather.

If preventive measures do not help, and there was a heat rash in children, treatment is aimed at removing itching and other unpleasant symptoms as the child begins to comb the skin, which increases the duration and severity of the disease. As a first aid can be used water-compresses soda (1 tsp. Soda glass of water), which are applied to the affected areas for 10-15 minutes once a day.