Frequent urination at night time are called nocturia.

Nocturia: Causes, features, diagnostics

 In a healthy person Nocturia can occur if you frequently drink caffeinated beverages in the evening
 When observed prevalence of nocturia nocturnal urine volume on the day. Obviously, the process is accompanied by a regular sleep at night. As a result, patients receive chronic fatigue, fatigue, decreased performance, etc.

In a healthy person nocturia may be a consequence of the use of caffeine-containing drinks in the evening. All your favorite tea, coffee and alcohol have a diuretic effect visible. It is estimated that one trip to the toilet for the night is a variant of the norm. If there is a need to urinate two or more times, it is a signal of the need for medical examination.

Nocturia is a symptom indicative of the aggregate number of diseases. So, its appearance may be accompanied by an inability of the kidneys to concentrate urine sufficiently. Diabetes, liver, or heart failure may also be the need to assert itself in frequent nighttime urination.

The course of treatment near preparations can also be accompanied by nocturia. She also accompanied by overactive bladder.

The increase in prostate cancer in older men prevents full urination. Part of the urine back into the bladder and then leads to the development of nocturia.

With the appropriate complaints from the patient in order to diagnose a urine test administered by Zimnitsky. Its essence lies in the fact that every three hours during the day the patient urinates into a separate bowl. Then, in the laboratory the night and day compared to urine volume and specific gravity. If nocturia nocturnal urine more (about 2/3 of the daily volume), and it is not sufficiently concentrated.

When clarifying the diagnosis in older people, as a rule, mandatory investigated the level of antidiuretic hormone, the function of which is to reduce the amount of urine the night. With age, the production of this hormone by the body decreases, causing nocturia may develop.

Valuable information for the medical analysis provides a diary, which is recommended to keep patients with nocturia. It fixed the drinking mode and urination.

A number of serious medical research carried out in Japan and the USA, clearly shows that the presence of nocturia can seriously increase the risks for the patient's health, including death. That is the death rate from the holders of the above symptoms than people with the same major diseases, but without nocturia. Of course, this fact is not a reason to panic, as the basis for timely referral to a specialist.

Nocturia women

If the most common cause of nocturia in men is prostate adenoma, the nocturia in women often develops as a result of cystitis. Also, the reason for its occurrence can be urinary incontinence (in particular because of the atrophy of the muscles of the pelvic floor).

Treatment of nocturia

 Nocturia is particularly evident at night
 The signal for accessing the doctor are frequent (two or more) trips to the bathroom during the night in the absence of large amounts of liquid you drink in the evening.

Upon confirmation by laboratory symptoms begin to treat nocturia. In fact, it is the diagnosis and therapy of the underlying disease.

For the treatment of nocturia with overactive bladder successfully apply different antimuscarinic drugs, e.g., Solifenantsin.

Also, patients with nocturia, especially older women, it is recommended to systematically train the muscles of the pelvic floor and to eliminate excessive drinking in the evening.