Bad breath

Bad breath (halitosis) - quite a sensitive issue, for both adults and children.  Bad breath - a problem that prevents a normal life

Causes of bad breath

The cause of odor from the mouth can be decay (decomposition) of food debris and mucus accumulated between the teeth and on the tongue, as well as a variety of psychological problems.

In 80% of cases, as a source of halitosis mouth speaks. The most unpleasant odor usually comes from the depressions in the language. After all, on the back of the tongue accumulates a lot of dead, otshelushivshihsya bacteria and epithelial cells. To one epithelial cell sticks tongue around one hundred bacteria. Bacteria absorb sulfur components of plaque and food. Under the influence of the molecules of cysteine ​​and methionine amino acids decompose into hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. Both of these compounds are malodorous smell.

The cause of bad breath can also be a goiter oral stagnation of saliva, dry mouth, imbalance of the acid-alkaline balance of the oral cavity with a high content of protein in the diet, increased the number of necrotic or dead cells, dry mouth.

Saliva cleans the mouth and teeth, destroys pathogens. Dry mouth - the most common cause of an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Dry mouth occurs when saliva reduction (under stress, excitement, infectious diseases, diabetes), and dehydration.

The cause of bad breath can be a worsening of the disease, which took the chronic form. Sour taste and smell can cause diseases of the esophagus, gastritis with the increased acidity. In diseases of the stomach unpleasant odor from the mouth can be associated with infection helikobakterialnoy. Bitter taste and odor is a manifestation of liver disease and gall bladder. The smell of feces from the mouth can occur when the motor neuroses or bowel obstruction, at a dysbacteriosis. The acetone odor with a sweet taste can cause disease of the pancreas. The smell of urine out of the mouth indicates kidney disease. Inflammatory periodontal disease and gum - is another common cause of odor from the mouth.

Odors from the oral cavity may also be associated with malignant tumors in the oral cavity with inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx. Oral cancer is bleeding, destruction and necrosis.  Compliance with oral hygiene - the easiest way to treat halitosis

Treatment of bad breath

For the treatment of halitosis it is very important to observe the following guidelines:

  • brush your teeth with a toothbrush with soft bristles three times a day to remove food particles left in the mouth and stuck in the teeth;
  • interdental spaces cleaned with dental floss;
  • every day to clean the back of the tongue with a soft bristle brush;
  • to stimulate salivation regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, to stick to the diet;
  • to eliminate xerostomia (dry mouth), rinse your mouth with warm water;
  • regular visits to the dentist.

To clean the mouth at home, you can prepare a decoction of sage, mint, strawberry, chamomile or oak bark. To do this, a tablespoon of any materials should pour a glass of hot water. After cooling the solution to filter and used for rinsing after eating. Enough effective cleaning of the oral cavity provides an irrigator. Irrigator surface massages the gums, providing activation of blood circulation and clearing spaces between teeth.

How to quickly remove bad breath?

There are many effective tools that help you quickly get rid of the bad smell from the mouth: aerosol fresheners, mouthwashes, lozenges, chewing gum. But when the right time was nothing at hand, you can try a cup of very strong tea, and then rinse your mouth with water. Quickly remove halitosis help carrots and apples. The aroma of garlic or onions can be neutralized celery root or parsley. You can quickly get rid of bad taste and odor from the mouth, chewing coffee beans. To enable the production of saliva should be included in your diet oat porridge. With dry mouth it is necessary to drink as often as possible. A small amount of fluid will freshen breath and removes bad taste.

If you can not brush your teeth with a toothbrush, you can wipe the gums, tongue and teeth thumb. This way you can massage the gums and get rid of the odor. To wipe the gums can use the pulp of walnuts. Rubbing the gums pulp walnut provides a mouth with essential vitamins and freshens breath pleasant nutty flavor.