Neuritis of the trigeminal nerve

 Trinity nerve neuritis

Diseases of the peripheral nervous system has always been one of the central problems of Neurology. This is due to the consequences that cause similar diseases - the strongest pains, spasms of the facial muscles, unpleasant nervous tic.

The most common complication of dental surgery, surgical interventions and traumas of the jaw is a neuritis of the trigeminal nerve. Such diagnosed in 85% of cases. The remaining 15% comes from neuritis of the upper and lower alveolar nerve.

Causes of the disease

The problem can appear absolutely everyone as a result of the innervation of the trigeminal nerve. It, in turn, is caused by:

  • fractures of the skull base;
  • operations in the jaw bones;
  • fractures of the upper and lower jaws;
  • complicated tooth extraction;
  • wrongly made prosthetics;
  • operations in the maxillary sinus;
  • the presence of foreign bodies that may injure nerves or nerve trunk;
  • incorrectly performed anesthesia.

When the diagnosis of neuritis of the trigeminal nerve symptoms may indicate a variety of injuries. The most common trigeminal nerve is located in the following states:

  • continuous over the entire length;
  • infringed bone fragments;
  • extensible;
  • broken.

Neuritis of the trigeminal nerve - symptoms and diagnosis

The clinical picture of neuritis of the trigeminal nerve is characterized by impaired sensitivity of nerve lesions, constant aching pain and paresthesia. As if struck by the inferior alveolar trigeminal nerve - patients often have movement disorders, ie, neuritis of the trigeminal nerve leads to paresis (weakening of the functions of the muscles) and paralysis (the complete absence of muscular activity). In the area of ​​nerve lesions appear edema develops thinning skin and subcutaneous tissue, there is discoloration of the skin (from the normal pink marble or she becomes cyanotic). In severe cases with neuritis of the trigeminal nerve may be losing his hair. Also, patients usually complain of atrophy of the masticatory muscles in the affected area.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out on the basis of examinations and diagnostic procedures. This will require:

  • elektroneyrografii (ENG);
  • neurologic examination;
  • Computed tomography of the skull bones and brain;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of orbits and sinuses.

Neuritis of the trigeminal nerve - Treatment and prognosis

 Massage rollers at triple nerve neuritis

The composition of the medical procedures discussed individually in each case. Here taken into account as a manifestation of the disease is available, and general condition of the patient. In most cases, doctors stop for complex procedures, which may include:

  • acupuncture;
  • stimulation of muscles and nerves;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • homeopathic remedies;
  • antivirals.

When the diagnosis of neuritis of the trigeminal nerve treatment is aimed at:

  • elimination of possible flow off the nerve trunk;
  • anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • increasing the overall resistance of the organism;
  • achieving sensitizing effect;
  • restoration of normal patency of nerve impulses;
  • recovery of lost compensation and adaptive responses.

Forecast treat trigeminal neuritis depends on the state of the nerve, and the recovery rate sensitivity of the oral mucosa and skin.