Nabothian cyst

Nabothian cyst - a benign tumor formation, the formation of which occurs on the cervix or ovaries. The main  Nabothian cyst - a benign tumor formation
 causes predisposition to the formation of pathologies are:

  • Sexually transmitted infections;
  • Abortion;
  • Violations of the hormonal system;
  • Inflammatory processes and injuries after surgeries.

Nabothian cyst formations are in the form of rounded dense texture of white or yellowish tint, their sizes reach no more than three centimeters.

Nabothian cyst during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the main cause of Nabothian cyst is a hormonal disorder that causes that the cyst increases in size, and the changes in the cervix can lead to early disclosure, which in some cases leads to nedovynashivaniyu fetus (miscarriage or premature birth).

There is no consensus about treatment Nabothian cyst during pregnancy do not exist, because in some cases the cysts do not cause any discomfort and does not affect the health of the mother, and in other cases, their presence causes painful and sometimes life threatening fetus, requiring medical intervention .

Thus, treatment Nabothian cyst is not always necessary, there are cases when the diagnose in pregnant women cysts do not lead to complications, and pregnancy and childbirth proceeded satisfactorily. However, there is no guarantee that the cyst does not lead to complications and the accumulation of pus with a mixture of lymph and blood in the body tissues, which in turn will require the speedy elimination of tumors, because inflammation directly affect the nurturing and development of the fetus.

Also, birth of a child may be in danger of congestion Nabothian cyst, or even the presence of a large cyst, as it leads to a narrowing of the cervical canal and the risk of it tearing during childbirth.

Diagnosing Nabothian cyst

Often  Nabothian cyst treatment is not always necessary
   Nabothian presence of cysts do not cause any symptoms, but their presence is detected during a routine gynecological examination of the cervix using a speculum or colposcopy. After identifying cysts followed by more in-depth examination, which include screening for reproductive tract infections, pelvic ultrasound, colposcopy and smear on onkotsitologiyu. After confirming the diagnosis Nabothian cyst on the basis of analyzes gynecologist determine the relevance of removing formations cleaning excretory ducts of glands and prescribing, as well as choose treatments cysts.

Treatment Nabothian cyst

Treatments Nabothian cysts do not require hospitalization and is usually carried out for several minutes. Choose a specific method of treatment, patients may, after consultation of the security and the consequences of the operation. There are several safe methods of disposal Nabothian cyst, namely:

  • · Radio wave therapy, which, while maintaining the structure of muscle cervical dysplasia removes pockets without scarring, and reduces the likelihood of relapse;
  • · Electrocoagulation, which with the help of continuous exposure to an electric current removes build-up, excess tissue cysts or tumors;
  • · Cryotherapy, which carries out the removal of cysts by means of exposure to cold;
  • · Laser therapy, which treats inflamed areas under the influence of light direction in the living tissue.

With the chosen method of treatment the doctor pierces Nabothian cyst and to clean and wash the accumulated purulent fluid, and then deletes the pustule.