Brief description of the disease

 Cervical myositis

Myositis is an inflammation of the skeletal muscles, which often affects not just one but several bones. In the latter case we are talking about the development of severe diseases - polymyositis. If contamination affects not only bone but also in the skin, the patient is diagnosed dermatomyositis. Regardless of the form, the reason for the defeat of skeletal muscle are: infections, toxic substances, the professional activities of people, hypothermia, injuries, sprains and muscle spasms. Furthermore, spinal and cervical myositis may be caused near pathologies that affect connective tissues, such as rheumatism, systemic lupus erythematosus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Forms and symptoms of myositis

We have already mentioned the main varieties of the disease. Now dwell on them in greater detail.

Dermatichesky myositis - symptoms of this form most often seen in middle-aged women. At the moment, the exact causes of the disease are unknown. Doctors suggest that as a provoking factor act viruses and genetic predisposition. The trigger can also be: prolonged exposure to the sun, exposure to cold, stress and colds. When dermaticheskoy form myositis muscles leads to rashes purple or red and swollen eyelids. By Associated symptoms include chills, fever, sudden weight loss and weakness. Note that the deterioration of health in different people going in different ways. In some dermatichesky myositis it develops very quickly, while others - slowly, but in any case it leads to very unpleasant consequences - sagging muscles, shortening them, clusters of calcium and severe pain.

Polymyositis - affects several groups of skeletal muscles. The pain is less pronounced than in dermaticheskoy shape, so as the main symptoms of the disease appears muscle weakness. First, it is expressed in the form of easy fatigue in the simplest physical activities, but then the patient begins to deteriorate rapidly to the extent that people can not get out of bed on their own. At the last stage of myositis, which treatment started too late, leading to atrophy of swallowing and chewing muscles, and then to the development of arthritis. If adequate treatment for all of the above symptoms of myositis are held in a few weeks.

Myositis neck - one of the most common forms. Such "hot" due to the fact that the neck of a person often subjected overcooling that leads to pathologies of skeletal muscles. Cervical myositis manifests itself pulling pain in the cervical vertebrae, which is given in the neck, eventually extending to the scapula and shoulder girdle. It is often confused with myositis neck osteochondrosis. To avoid misdiagnosis makes X-ray examination.

Stage myositis

All forms of the disease, first pass through the acute stage, when symptoms of the most clearly expressed. In that case, if the person did not turn in time to see a doctor, myositis back and neck flows into chronic. This pain may be aggravated by external factors - the cold weather, extended body position in one position or just at night. In addition to the natural development of pathology, chronic myositis muscles can result from any infectious disease undertreated, including common cold.

Myositis - treatment and prevention of disease

 Treatment of cervical myositis

Selecting a method of treatment depends on the causes of the appearance of the disease. If myositis back or neck has a parasitic origin, patients prescribed anthelmintics. When the causes of the contagious nature of the best antibiotics to help. Autoimmune processes are stopped by a course of treatment with glucocorticoids and immunosupresorov. Whatever the reason, patients also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, warming ointment, improves trophism muscle and antipyretics in the case of high temperature. If a person is diagnosed with acute myositis, treatment involves bed rest and a complete rejection of strenuous exercise.

Surgery is indicated for purulent form when myositis muscles leads to the accumulation of pus and other serious consequences. In this case, the surgeon performs an autopsy source of infection and imposes draining bandage. Acceptable use of antibiotics local (powders, ointments).

In addition, for the treatment of myositis applied massage (contraindicated in the form of pus), physical therapy techniques, a special diet and exercise therapy. Prevention of myositis is to avoid the hard work in the cold, avoiding hypothermia muscles timely treatment of infectious and colds.

For athletes and people engaged intensively in the gym - amino acids for food and energy recovery.