Pubic lice

What are pubic lice?

 Pubic lice bites

Yellow and gray tiny parasites like small crabs. They are very small (less than 3 mm), so it is extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. Usually, pubic lice settle on the hairy parts of the body in the genital area, but often they can be found on the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and armpit. Ploschitsy (another name for pubic lice) are inactive, but multiply fairly quickly by laying eggs nits. They feed only on human blood and live about 24 days.

Causes of pubic lice

Pubic lice are parasitic only on the person. They can not be infected by domestic or wild animals. The usual signs of pubic lice appear after intercourse, during which the carrier infects healthy partner. However, regularly recorded cases when the parasites penetrate the body through the towels, bedding or clothing. The fact that the pubic lice can not survive more than a day without a carrier, but the nits retain the ability to develop significantly longer. For this reason, some caution should be observed in the pools, sauna, solarium and public toilets, where the risk of catching unpleasant neighbors highest.

What happens after infection?

After moving to a new host body, pubic lice attach themselves to the hair and begin their destructive activities. First of all, they pierce the skin of the wearer and the first portion of the blood is extracted. The salivary glands of insects produce a special enzyme, which gets into the wound and prevents blood clotting. Because pubic lice bites that deliver a lot of inconvenience. Human skin is constantly itches and itches, sometimes manifest allergic reactions to the arms, legs and groin. A closer examination of the skin can detect bluish bite marks.

After saturation and mating pubic lice lay eggs (7-9 pieces). They firmly strengthened the hair with the help of a secret and, therefore, are not washed off with water during the hygiene procedures. Nits are developing about two weeks, and then have the new pubic lice hatch.

Pubic lice - symptoms and effects

The first signs of pubic lice are observed one month after the appearance of the first animals. The most characteristic symptom - intense itching at the site of bites. It is most commonly observed in the pubic area, but sometimes itchy thighs, arms and torso. Especially people suffering from it with abundant scalp, as in their case, pubic lice can live literally all over the body.

The intensity of itching depends on individual anatomical features of the person and the time of day. It often happens that the day activities parasites practically does not manifest itself, but at night becomes so unbearable itching that does not sleep well. It should take into account the fact that in the place of constant scratching appear redness and irritation. If a diagnosis of pubic lice treatment is not carried out or were insufficient, the small skin lesions develop into eczema and facilitate the penetration into the body of secondary infections.

A clear symptom of the disease is not only the itching, but the bites of pubic lice. At the point of entry of the parasite proboscis into the skin often appear bluish spots. They are small, but, unlike the lice themselves, are clearly distinguishable to the naked eye. The reasons for these spots are either small hemorrhages, or secret which is injected to prevent parasites blood clotting.

A sign of pubic lice, and may indicate an allergic rash or detect lice eggs.

The consequences of pubic lice

 Sulfuric ointment pubic lice

By themselves, the parasites do not pose any particular risk. However, the diagnosis of pubic lice treatment should begin as soon as possible because the bites can cause allergic reactions and itching and scratching - the weakening of the body's protective barriers. Since through the damaged skin easily penetrate secondary infection, all patients with pubic lice are tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases by.

Pubic lice - treatment of the disease

More recently, people got rid of lice using kerosene, dust, soap and other available tools. Fortunately, those days are past. Today, pubic lice completely cured after treatment with special drugs that destroy the body of parasites and laid eggs. Before using medical devices is desirable completely shaved pubis and the perineum. Then applied to the skin or any ointment Sulfuric ointment with benzyl benzoate. In pharmacies, you can buy and more convenient products, such as nittifor or spray-pax. They can be applied directly to the hair without worrying about shaving intimate areas of the body.

Because pubic lice may be on bedding or clothing should be soaked items in hot water and add the bleach.