Brief description of the disease

 Lumbar lordosis

The spine of every person has a natural curves that help maintain an upright posture and walking with loads. With the development of certain pathologies data curves are too strong. The deformations may be the direction or towards - scoliosis, or back and forth - lordosis and kyphosis. In this article we will talk about lordosis, that is, the curvature of the cervical or lumbar spine to bend forward.

Primary cervical and lumbar lordosis arises due to various malformations, tumors and inflammatory processes. Secondary lordosis is one of the complications of hip dislocation, ankylosis, and other diseases.

The symptoms of lordosis

When the deformation of the spine forward to bending figure of a man a distinctive look: the knee joints unfolded, bulging abdomen and pelvis when walking body deviate posteriorly. In addition, both the lumbar and cervical lordosis leads to pain in the affected portion of the spine that are associated with the incorrect redistribution of loads and stretching muscles. Patients often observed lowering of the abdominal organs and disruption of their normal functioning.

Treatment of lordosis

Primary lordosis of the spine is removed only by surgery and subsequent rehabilitation procedures - therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, massage. In turn, warp, became a consequence of other diseases, is adjusted when wearing the brace, performing gymnastic exercises and special therapeutic massage. This is especially important for pregnant women who have greatly enhanced the lumbar lordosis during gestation. This can lead to discomfort in the back and a general deterioration in health. To help with such problems can only properly selected prenatal bandage and Gymnastics. The main function of the shroud and special recliner - the prevention of deformation, reliable fixation of the problem areas of the spine.

Let us dwell on physical therapy. Lordosis and cervical portion and the curvature of the lumbar lead to restriction of activity and pain. Therapeutic exercise prevents the appearance of negative factors, it contributes to the creation of a kind of corset on the damaged areas. The only condition: the exercises must be performed regularly, as only in this case we can speak about any positive changes.

Note that when lordosis doing gymnastics, not only in hospitals and clinics, but also at home. For example, one of the most simple, but at the same time, effective exercises. Lie down on the floor and put your feet on a chair so that between the hips and knees formed a right angle. Then try to push your left hand in the space between the lower back and the floor. There's bound to be hollow, and our task is just to fix it. The lumbar approaching closer to the floor, the better. To eliminate the depression can also involve the stomach and pelvis move forward. Exercise is repeated 5-7 times. Home treatment involves lordosis and performing other exercises, such as:

  • Lie on your back and arms out to the sides, and then lift your legs up, as if throwing them at his head;
  • make the slopes, reaching hands leg;
  • push to the wall and try to touch her waist.

 Treatment of lumbar lordosis

In general, we have given only the most basic elements of medical gymnastics. In fact, it is much more difficult, but the question is better to discuss with your doctor as soon as he decides on the intensity and nature of the training sessions.

Well, a few rules:

  • exercises should be done not by coercion but optional;
  • permissible feeling of fatigue after exercise, but it should be enjoyable. In no case should not drive themselves to exhaustion;
  • Learn to breathe through the nose. During training, a lot of people hold their breath. Doing this is not necessary, because the way you knock down a rhythm and impose an additional burden on the respiratory system.

Secondary advisable to treat spinal lordosis after the elimination of the causes that led to the violation of posture. If your doctor has prescribed you exercises and other procedures without a comprehensive examination of the body, then we are prepared for the fact that the deformation reasserted itself after a short period of time.

If doctors in time to make the correct diagnosis, and you will come to a responsible treatment of lumbar lordosis, the disease will make to your lifestyle minimal adjustments. Otherwise, you will face serious complications and problems for which you will not be able to work, to enjoy life, to be a full member of society.