Lipoma on her back

Lipoma is  Lipoma on my back is common
 benign tumors composed of adipose tissue. Externally, it is moving and soft fatty entity under the skin. Lipoma may be formed on virtually anywhere, but is most often found on the back of the lipoma. New formation does not affect the nearby organs, but only pushes the tissue grows. From the surrounding tissue swelling is separated by means of a capsule in which, indeed, she is.

Causes of a lipoma on her back

The exact cause of the tumor is unknown. It is believed that a lipoma on her back and other parts of the body is the result of violations of metabolic processes in the body, in which there is a blockage of sebaceous ducts. In addition, there are several factors that predispose to the formation of a lipoma on her back:

  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • malnutrition;
  • constant mechanical irritation;
  • poor environment in the place of residence.

So, can often be found on the back of a lipoma loaders and porters. There it is due to the nature of their work.

More prone to the appearance of lipomas women aged 30-50 years. Size lipomas may be different - from a small pea to the size of the children's heads.

The symptoms of a lipoma on her back

Preferably the tumor does not have pronounced symptoms, but in some people it causes a pronounced pain. It is caused by the fact that in the process of increasing the tumor presses on nearby organs and nerves.

Lipoma on my back the size of a pea could accidentally find the patient or other people during a massage or feeling back. At the touch of a lipoma is soft and elastic, easy shifts, painless. As a rule, it has a distinct oval or round shape. If intramuscular lipoma clear boundaries may be missing. The skin on the lipoma has the same color as elsewhere.

Diagnosis lipomas

Right  Strongly recommended to manually delete a lipoma on her back
 diagnosis of lipoma presents certain difficulties.

For accurate diagnosis of patients sent for radiological diagnosis, histological examination, ultrasound and computed tomography.

Treatment of lipomas on the back

As a rule, asymptomatic tumor prefer not to treat it at all. Treatment produced if a patient delivers lipoma cosmetic or other discomfort, or increases rapidly in size.

Drug treatment is ineffective lipomas. Besides, it is not recommended for patients to engage in self-treatment or removal of a lipoma on her back, as often for lipoma can take a malignant tumor. When used for the treatment of various compresses and ointments, it can only lead to an increase in the tumor. You can not open a lipoma and picks open yourself, as it is fraught of infection. In a lipoma large crashes in tissue nutrition, which contributes to erosion of the vessels, the appearance of sores on the skin, putrid decay.

The only valid treatment for lipomas - is the surgical removal of a lipoma on her back or laser therapy. Today laser therapy is the most gentle and effective treatment for lipomas in the face, feet, hands and other body parts. Typically, after the laser treatment relapse occurs. Wound healing after laser treatment quickly enough, scars leaves. Therefore, laser therapy is the most appropriate option.

Removing a lipoma on her back are manufactured by liposuction. The fat is sucked through small incisions with a diameter 0, 3-0, 5 cm. To do this, use a special vacuum. It is believed that the removal of lipomas on the back of the easiest. Furthermore, after such an operation is virtually no residue.