Cyst of breast cancer refers to benign neoplasms. Cyst  Cyst of breast cancer refers to benign tumors
   a cavity filled with liquid contents. Cysts can be multiple or single. Most often they are formed from the ducts of the mammary glands due to excessive tissue growth, their lining. The size of the flow increases, congestion occurs mammary secretion. When the size of a cavity reached 1 cm can say with certainty that the cyst was formed breast.

The causes of breast cysts

The main cause of breast cysts is the hormonal status of the patient, but rather changes in the level of female hormones in the body: estrogen and prolactin. Therefore, the bulk of women detected with breast cysts are aged from 35 to 55 years. Most cysts are found in nulliparous women after 30 years. However, childbirth, as a process that significantly modifies the hormonal status of women can also cause breast cysts.

There is also a relationship between the frequency of the formation of cysts and hormonal contraceptives.

Besides the main causes of breast cysts are a number of factors contributing to cyst:

- Injury breast surgery performed earlier;

- Long-term and regular sun exposure. It is not just about natural sunlight, but also about indoor tanning. Any insolation leads to increased production of estrogens in the organism. Especially harmful sun with moist skin;

-psihoemotsionalny stress. While it increases the amount of stress hormones: testosterone, cortisol and prolactin. Against this background, there is hormonal changes the body. This imbalance causes hormones and breast cysts;

- Thermal effects. Any heat treatment, whether regular intake of hot tubs or work near heaters (cooks, Aisle), stimulates the production of estrogen and, therefore, may be a cause of breast cysts;

- Hormonal diseases. The most common thyroid dysfunction.

Much less in the breast tissue can form fatty cyst. The cause of - a blockage of the sebaceous glands. It is not dangerous, not prone to malignancy. In rare cases, it occurs inflammation.

Symptoms of breast cysts

Cysts up to 1 cm in diameter, often does not bother the patient. Rather, it is an accidental find on ultrasound or mammography.

Because of non-specific symptoms of breast cysts can be identified engorgement pulling sensation in the breast during the second half of the cycle. Sometimes it may disturb small soreness. However, the main complaint, which refers to a woman mammologu is the presence in the depths of the breast gently-rounded education elastic consistency.

With significant amounts of unilateral cysts or multiple cysts woman can complain about the asymmetry of the breasts, most clearly revealed by raised hands.

Diagnosis of breast cysts

Usually it takes place in a separate detection nodular breast tissue seal.

It is not soldered  The main method of confirming the diagnosis of breast cysts is ultrasound
 surrounding tissues, often painless, and in most cases does not cause significant deformation of the breast. Symptoms of breast cysts are not specific for the diagnosis and informative.

For young women the main method of confirming the diagnosis of breast cysts is ultrasound.

During the ultrasound examination revealed the presence of smooth-formation in the cavity uniformly colored contents. The walls form a thin, smooth.

Women after 40-45 years of age must mammography. Ultrasound examination in this age uninformative and can lead to overdiagnosis of mastopathy.

After detecting breast cysts necessarily spent fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the cyst contents. The resulting secret is required to be sent to a microscopic examination to identify possible abnormal cells, ie, cancer cells.

Complications of breast cysts

When infected cysts it possible inflammation and festering, accompanied by all the symptoms of inflammatory reactions: pain, swelling, general and local temperature increase.

Treatment of breast cysts

The most common cyst of the breast is not reborn and does not harm the health of the woman. However, one should not underestimate this disease. The single cyst may be the beginning of fibrocystic breast, and this is a serious disease that contributes to the development of cancer of the breast.

Radical removal of cysts, breast cancer is rarely used and strictly on the testimony. Currently, conservative treatment of cysts are subject to 2-2, 5 cm in diameter.

Big role for psychotherapy treatment of depression in the patient as possible, teaching methods samorelaksatsii and stress.

Can be used in the treatment of breast cysts folk remedies. These include herbal medicine.

Positive influence homeopathy and carefully selected physiotherapy. It should focus on the fact that a number of physiotherapy helps to increase breast cysts, so appoint a rehabilitation program should be an occupational therapist physiotherapist.

Positive influence vitamino- and mineralotherapy.

Required treatment related hormonal problems. Before treatment of breast cysts woman have to consult with an endocrinologist, a gynecologist. Make a series of biochemical examinations and determine your hormonal status.

When the brush size in excess of 2, 5 cm, carried out surgical removal of breast cysts. Sometimes this treatment begins in the diagnostic process. With a relatively small size of the brush during the fine-needle aspiration biopsy, the contents of the charge for the study. The cyst can be fallen down and then not be filled.

In some cases, treatment includes breast cysts sclerotherapy i.e. introduction to the cyst cavity after the evacuation of the contents of a special drug that promotes its obliteration.

When diagnosing multiple cysts having cavities in its proliferation, wall thickening, etc., is performed surgical removal of the breast cysts. If a woman with the presence of the above symptoms have weighed Cancer history, it can be carried out sectoral resection of breast cancer.

In most cases, the combination treatment of breast cysts: folk remedies, homeopathy, psychotherapy, and only as a last resort to surgery.