Brief description of the disease

Disease "kyphosis" represents a curvature of the spine in the sagittal plane. In varying degrees, these curvatures are present in any human being, however, in the case of a significant deviation from the norm, the patient is diagnosed with spinal kyphosis. Bend is in the shape of the letter "C" with the convexity directed posteriorly.

There are the following degrees of kyphosis:

  • Grade I (easy kyphosis) - the value of curvature of more than 30 degrees;
  • Grade II (moderate thoracic kyphosis) - from 30 to 60 degrees;
  • Grade III (severe kyphosis) - bending more than 60 degrees.

Causes of kyphosis

 Kyphosis of the spine

There are several reasons for the formation of a curved spine. Primarily, the pathology can be caused by disorders of fetal development. In this case we are talking about such diseases as congenital kyphosis, the treatment of which should begin immediately after birth. In some cases, the cause of kyphosis are surgery or trauma, particularly compression fractures of the vertebral body that are typical of the elderly. These are the main causes curvature of the spine, but there are more exotic factors that may have an adverse impact on the development process. Such factors include, for example, infectious diseases or radiation therapy, which is assigned to the child in the presence of malignancy.


The main sign of kyphosis - back pain caused by muscle spasms. In severe in some patients it occurs compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots. In this case, people begin to suffer from sudden, sharp pain, weakness in the limbs, pelvic disorders and numbness.

Kyphosis - the treatment of the disease

Nowadays, widely used several techniques. In most cases, the patient is assigned to conservative treatment includes physical therapy, exercise therapy, massage, medications and wearing a special corset. Note that if you are diagnosed with kyphosis, the exercise of the special procedures are a necessity. This is due to the fact that gymnastics helps to cope with the pain, prevents the development of disorders of the heart and lungs, often in the absence of adequate treatments.  Corset for the treatment of spinal kyphosis

To stop the development of degenerative changes and helps concomitant treatment of osteoporosis, often developing at a curvature of the spine. In this embodiment, the thoracic kyphosis is treated with calcium supplementation, vitamins, physical therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

For more detail on the above corsets. They carry significantly reduces pain, but is not able to influence the bending posture if kyphosis of the thoracic spine has already led to drastic changes. It should also be noted that uncontrolled use of corsets harm the patient's health, since it leads to a weakening of the muscles of the back and increase the degree of deformation.

If drug treatment does not lead to the expected results and kyphosis of the spine continues to progress, the doctors resort to surgical intervention. Surgical treatment of kyphosis has a certain amount of risk, so before the operation is necessary to weigh the "pros" and "cons", that is, the potential benefit should outweigh the risks. Currently, indications for surgery are situations when thoracic kyphosis accompanied by:

  • severe pain - is the most common cause of surgery, as pain is often not amenable to conservative treatment;
  • progressive kyphosis - this process is accompanied by compression of neural structures, disturbances in the heart and lungs, so the patient may be recommended surgery;
  • pronounced cosmetic defects - if kyphosis of the thoracic spine significantly reduces the quality of life or affect his fitness for the job, the doctors decide on the admissibility of surgery.

As for the operation, it consists of two stages - eliminating strain and stabilize the spine. For the last stage, so-called stabilization system transperdikulyarnoy which consist of screws and connecting rods. They are made of neutral materials and are not rejected by the body, thus avoiding several operations to remove the system.