Cough in a child

Cough in a child - a protective reaction of the child's body in the form of a sharp burst of inspiration, aimed at removing from the respiratory tract foreign bodies, mucus, harmful microorganisms and dust. Cough receptors  Barking cough in a child is usually caused by tracheitis
 can irritate the fluctuations in humidity and temperature of the inhaled air a child, as well as papilloma, tumors, allergens, foreign bodies in the airways. Rare cough in a child throughout the day physiologic. Cough shock remove the accumulation of saliva and mucus in front of the larynx. Children ages eight to twelve years in the norm can cough from three to ten times a day.

Types of cough in a child

Cough is needed. Without it even small airway inflammation would lead to pneumonia. But the respiratory tract only the kind of cough that is accompanied by mucus, sputum. This so-called wet or productive cough.

Other types of cough (paroxysmal, dry, barking cough) are not useful. They do not give the baby to sleep, tire him and even can trigger vomiting.

Non-productive (dry) cough in a child is the most intrusive. Dry cough does not contribute to sputum discharge, as it occurs in the initial stage of inflammation of mucous membranes, where there are practically no more sputum.

Barking cough in a child is usually caused by tracheitis and laryngitis. It is associated with changes in vocal cords. Barking cough in a child is necessary to "soften" inflammatory sprays, lozenges and alkaline drinking.

Wet cough occurs with the accumulation of phlegm. The most common cough occurs with bronchitis.

When pertussis cough it attacks one after the other, bringing the body to exhaustion.

Staccato cough develops in the respiratory chlamydia in newborns. Cough staccato - calls, hacking and dry. It passes quickly in the treatment of the underlying disease.

Spasmodic cough intrusive little productive. At the end usually it has a whistling sound. With spastic cough useless to take antitussives.

Bitonal cough (low, then a high tone) may occur by ingestion of large foreign bodies in the bronchi.

Coughing with a deep breath occurs when asthma attack. Most often this type of cough is accompanied by pain.

Cough when eating occurs in diseases of the esophagus and stomach.

Psychogenic cough in a child can occur in stressful situations at school and at home. Psychogenic cough appears only during the day and night disappears. The special features of this type of cough include regularity, high frequency and metallic echo.

Than to treat cough in children?

When dry cough in a child does not get rid of mucus that builds up in the bronchi. To liquefy phlegm, soothing cough syndrome and cough suppressants are different cough syrups  Cough syrup for children with plantain
   for children. Children are usually happy to take medications for cough syrups, as most of these syrups has a pleasant taste. Giving cough syrup only after consulting your doctor.

Cough syrup for children with plantain, c ivy extract - an effective antitussive drugs. Cough syrup for children Ambrobene be used to treat infants. This syrup is not only reduces inflammation, but also strengthens local immunity. For the treatment of dry cough pediatricians often prescribe Mucosolvan and syrup. The principle of operation is similar to that of the syrup syrup Ambrobene. The proven and cough syrup Dr. IOM based on extracts of licorice root, basil, aloe, ginger, and other nightshade plants. Any cough preparations can not be used for a long time, since in this case they can only enhance cough.

Dry cough is very easier steam inhalation. Inhalation can be prepared soda solution or alkaline drinking mineral water. It helps when you cough reflex zone massage and chest.

When dry cough in a child is very important to moisten the air in the room. To do this, there is dry cleaning. You can also put on the battery pan of boiling water or put a wet towel. The air temperature in the room where the child should not exceed 20-22 C. In the dry cough child must drink a lot.

When coughing is also helpful to feed the baby mashed potatoes with milk and melted butter. Remove the cough will help a hot compress on the chest area.

The child should see a doctor if the cough persists after the disappearance of all the other signs of the disease, if the cough sudden and convulsive. Consultation pediatrician is required if the cough interferes with the baby to sleep, if the coughing spells the child turns blue or strongly pale, and his breathing is difficult, if in addition to cough your child has fever.