Cyst eyes

Cyst eyes - a benign tumor, which has a specific cavity.  Cyst of the cornea - benign

Cyst eyes - causes and symptoms

There are many varieties of cystic eye. Each variety requires individual treatment. By origin cystic eyes are divided into traumatic and congenital. Causes eye cysts may be inflammatory or degenerative processes, congenital eye disorders, long-term use of potent ophthalmic drugs, parasitic and degenerative processes. Congenital cyst most often develops in the pigment bundle leaf iris. When traumatic cyst corneal surface epithelium of the cornea enters the chamber of the eye. This penetration can occur in penetrating wounds, or surgical intervention.

Spontaneous cyst formed without cause. Cyst of the cornea can be a serous and pearl. Pearl cyst cornea is bluish-white compact tumor with characteristic pearlescent. Serous cyst is a translucent bubble, a bit protruding into the anterior chamber. Cyst conjunctiva - a hollow formation of the conjunctiva of the eye. Cyst conjunctiva often develops after a previous infection, scleritis, conjunctivitis, as well as after a minor injury.

Exudative and degenerative cyst developing glaucoma. The pigment is often a cyst formed by long-term use of anticholinesterase agents strong action. If you cancel the drugs cyst usually fades.

Symptoms of eye cysts appear as a sudden cloud before his eyes, limiting their horizons, translucent appearance of points and dull pain in the eyeballs. The first sign of a cyst is the appearance of bubbles of small size with redness around them.  The operation to remove the cyst eyes

Treatment of cysts eyes

The choice of treatment depends on the eye cyst its location, size and nature of the occurrence. In some cases, cysts can dissolve themselves.

Attempts to treat the cyst by puncture and aspiration of content in most cases turn out to be ineffective. If the tumor has arisen after the previous infection, it usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs (emulsion droplets). As an alternative, you can use traditional treatments cysts eyes. The most practical and popular way is the daily eyewash broth from seaweed. Also practiced the Hindu way of treating cysts special clay.

In more severe cases may need surgery. Cyst removal Small eyes occurs using a laser. During the procedure, the removal of the cyst wall must be excised completely in order to avoid relapse.

With the rapid growth of the cyst surgery is shown. Surgical removal of the cyst eyes on an outpatient basis (using local anesthesia). Usually after surgery the human body very quickly restored. After surgery often causes no complications.