Itching anus

Itching in the anus - pain in the modified form. The nature of this unpleasant  Itching in the anus can occur with frequent use of laxatives
 the feeling is very complex and not yet fully explored. By the nature of the origin of itching can be pathological and physiological. Physiological itching may occur at crawling insects on the skin in contact with the plants. Various disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, metabolic disorders, blood disorders, infectious diseases, toxemia of pregnancy, worm infestation can manifest as abnormal itching. There are itching limited (localized) and generalized. Itching anus can occur at any age. He can go on their own, but with regular itching should consult a doctor to determine the cause.

Possible causes of itching anus

Itching around the anus may indicate the presence of worms. If the itching is enhanced at night, the cause of discomfort can be quite pinworms. Worm infestation are most often the cause of itching in children. If the child is irritable in the morning, at night sleeping badly and combs itchy place, it should hand over the baby's feces for analysis for the presence of worm eggs. The cause of pruritus in children can be nappy rash. If diaper dermatitis irritation of perineum and genital area quickly extends to the anal area.

The causes of itching in the anus can be cracked anus fistulas. Frequent constipation lead to the formation of bulk stool. Out of stool often accompanied by microcracks. When infected microcracks itching increases, it becomes unbearable and constant.

Itching often occurs in eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, pubic lice, as well as in acute yeast infection in women.

Itching anus may appear at frequent use of laxatives based salts irritation when using toilet paper made with flavors or dyes.

Internal diseases (liver disease, diabetes, diseases of the pancreas, intoxication, goiter), hemorrhoids are also often accompanied by itching.

People who are overweight and sweating also suffer from itching around the anus.

Treatment of itching anus

At any origin must be itching to observe good personal hygiene. After defecation is recommended to use hypo-allergenic wet wipes. When the itching is necessary to give up alcohol, fried and salty, spicy foods. It is also desirable to abandon the synthetic underwear. It is not breathable, creating a greenhouse effect and causing excessive sweating.

When dermatitis is necessary to use a special ointment. For drying should use salicylic or zinc ointment. When fungus ointment appointed to the activity in this type of fungus (Triderm, Onabet, clotrimazole, Posterisan). Hemorrhoids are usually prescribed drugs such as Proktozan, Relief, Aurobin, ultraprokt, Bezornil, Detraleks.

Treatment of worms based on the appointment of drugs such as pyrantel, Albendazole, Metronidazole, Worm, Dekaris, Vermoxum.

When diaper  Itching around the anus may indicate the presence of worms
 dermatitis most often need to change diapers or baby diapers, not to leave the child in wet diapers. For drying irritated skin baby can use baby powder.

If the cause of pruritus in internal diseases, it is necessary to treat the disease.

To soothe itching around the anus can be used bath with herbal decoctions (oak, striped, birch buds, chamomile pharmacy). They help the itching and the following recipes from green pharmacy:

  • equally take knautia grass field, walnut leaves, burdock root, chamomile herb. One tablespoon of the mixture to boil in one glass of water for fifteen minutes. Strain and take half a cup three times a day;
  • mix and grind seven tablespoons of oak bark, buckthorn bark, willow bark. Two tablespoons of collection pour a liter of boiling water, simmer on low heat for five to seven minutes, for half an hour, drain. Take the resulting broth one teaspoon three times a day;
  • take one of the celandine, three of the yarrow, St. John's wort, chamomile. Two tablespoons of collection pour a glass of boiled water, in the heat for about two hours. Take itching in the anus of half a cup three or four times a day;
  • take mint leaves, grass, yarrow, chamomile flowers in equal shares. Two tablespoons of collection pour a glass of boiling water, boil for five minutes and infuse for about two hours. Strain and take decoction of half a cup three times a day.