Warp toes

A brief description of the problem

 Warp toes

In our time, the deformation of the toes is one of the most common problems of orthopedics. It occurs due to pathological changes in muscles or due to a variety of injuries and bruises.

As is known, the movement of the fingers is controlled by several muscles, the action of which, in fact, provides the mobility of the foot. The deformation of the finger leads to disruption of the muscle functionality. They can not perform their usual tasks, and over time this causes a dysfunction of various complications. For example, if patients have flat feet foot extension, while strengthening the short flexor tone - kogteobraznaya deformation of the big toe. If the amplified tone flexor digitorum longus, then formed the so-called hammer deformation.

In modern orthopedics deformity toes takes about 15-20% of the number of confirmed diagnoses related to the violation of the muscles and joints. The most common problem seen in women, due to the peculiarities of the organism and the structure of the skeleton.

The causes of deformations

The main cause of the disease - a violation of the balance of flexor and extensor muscles. It is caused by a variety of reasons - arthritis, traumatic injuries, flatfoot. Moreover, deformation of the first toe often occurs under the influence of concomitant diseases, such as cerebral palsy, or as various inflammations (psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis). Also, deformation of thumb may be due to the development of diabetes.


The main signs of strain - is:

  • the appearance of corns in a place of contact between the shoe and the joints, due to the increased load on the joint, followed by rubbing;
  • the appearance of sores in the area of ​​the metatarsal head;
  • pain when walking.

The deformation of the first toe and other such problems require immediate treatment to the doctor. Otherwise, pathology continues to grow and eventually lead to very serious consequences and complications, not to mention the fact that the human foot becomes unattractive appearance and significantly reduces the quality of life.

Diagnosis of various kinds of strains on the basis of clinical data and to identify diseases that could lead to violations of the functionality of muscles. To do this, the most commonly used techniques such as radiography (reveals arthritis) and blood (helps to prevent diabetes).

Warp toes - treatment of the disease

 Correction appliances for the treatment of deformed toes

Assigning method of treatment depends largely on how it manifests itself, and the deformation of the finger on the severity of existing symptoms. In the case of flatfoot patients shown wearing orthopedic shoes, as well as physiotherapy, which allows you to restore the normal functioning of muscles and joints. If a person has been the fixation of soft tissue and fixed deformity of the thumb, the doctors recommend to resort to surgery. Use effective corrective underwear in order to maintain the beautiful female form.

Currently, most commonly used types of operations such as arthroplasty and arthrodesis. In the first case, a surface treatment of articular bone aimed at straightening the fingers. When running deformation will be more effective arthrodesis - removal and replacement of bone fixation in position.