Brief description of the disease

 The man with the disease - vitiligo

Vitiligo is one of those diseases that researchers have not been able to study until the end, despite the development of engineering and technology. The disease affects people of any age and manifests itself in the form of white patches on the skin surface. White it because he completely devoid of melanin - the pigment that gives skin its natural skin color. In recent years, vitiligo treatment which is of great difficulty because of misunderstanding of the mechanisms of occurrence and development of diseases, increasingly affects young people and children.

Vitiligo - Causes of disease

Talk about what we know about the factors that contribute to the emergence of the disease can only be a stretch. A case in point is a question only of assumptions, some of which are confirmed during the study of the nature and clinical disease. So, among the possible causes of vitiligo include:

  • stressful conditions;
  • Chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • infectious diseases;
  • physical damage as a result of injuries;
  • intoxication;
  • contacting the skin with a long synthetic fabrics.

Vitiligo - Symptoms

The disease begins with the appearance of a milky-white or pinkish spots. First, they are small, but then increase in size and become clear boundaries. Form spots - different, in most cases, they are oval or round. Pathology may occur anywhere on the skin. Most often Vitiligo is on the neck, face, legs, chest and back. Lesions are usually solitary, but not so rare notes and multiple nature of the damage.

Vitiligo - the treatment of the disease

Patients prescribed drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV rays. These formulations are produced in the form of tablets, alcoholic solutions or ointments. Recent rubbed into non-pigmented skin pockets. Among the best known means to combat vitiligo worth noting beroksan, meladinin, ammifurin, psoralen and psoberan. Thus, if a patient diagnosed with vitiligo, treatment is based on the fact to force the body to produce melamine alone. Apart from the above drugs used for this exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light and photochemotherapy. We also note that in order to achieve a stable positive effect it is necessary to conduct several courses of treatment, and the pause between them to reduce to a minimum.

In recent years, vitiligo, the symptoms of which are increasingly manifested in young people who successfully cured using photosensitizing agents and laser therapy. Incidentally, it has a number of significant advantages before photochemotherapy, in particular, it allows to reduce the time of treatment and is characterized by absence of side reactions.

Because patients have deficiency in vitamin C and copper, both of these substances are included in therapy. It is also desirable to take immunomodulatory drugs, such as tincture of echinacea, Immunal or activin. Of great importance is the treatment of vitiligo and popular as encouraging results, allowing to judge the effectiveness of a number of herbs and plants.

Abroad, the treatment of vitiligo, the cause of which has not been studied until the end, based on the use of surgical methods. Transplantation of donor skin areas - is expensive, but a quick and painless way to a full recovery.

Treatment of vitiligo with folk remedies

If you're wondering how to restore the health of folk remedies, we present you some well-known prescription treatment of vitiligo:

  • dry herb St. John's wort is mixed with water (2 tbsp. tablespoons per cup) and boil on low heat until until half the liquid has evaporated. After that, the broth is filtered, and from the remnants of grass carefully squeezed juice. Use a tool for rubbing into the affected areas of the skin 2-3 times a day;
  • good effect is a popular treatment of vitiligo, in which is used alcohol tincture of green leaves and walnut interior partitions. She needed to lubricate the lesion 1-2 times a day for several months;
  •   commonly used powder made from radish seeds. 5 g of powder are thoroughly mixed with vinegar tea false, then the mixture for a few minutes is applied to the affected area;
  • Take 50 grams of roots Geranium sanguineum and pour 1 liter. boiling water, then leave for 4 hours. The tool is used for baths taken before bed. The duration of treatment - 12-14 days.

Treatment of vitiligo with folk remedies involves the use of a huge number of recipes. We talked only about some of them, but an experienced homeopath or a good dermatologist will advise you much more effective decoctions and infusions.