Discharge from the nipple

The emergence of discharge from the nipples is one of the main complaints to which the patient go to the doctor mammologu. Fluid  White discharge from the nipples often observed in galaktoree
 of the breast may arise spontaneously or only appear when squeezing the nipple.

The color discharge from the nipple may be different: white, yellow, gray, bloody. By its consistency, they are watery, or thick liquid.

And if discharge from the nipple during pregnancy whitish liquid (colostrum) is normal, in all other cases, any discharge from the breast is most often a symptom of some breast diseases.

Causes of discharge from the nipples:

  • Ectasia (widening) of the milk ducts. In one or more ducts there is an inflammatory process, whereby it begins to accumulate exudate. The disease usually occurs in women over the age of 40 years. His first symptom is the appearance of a dark discharge from the nipple or green. Treatment is usually conservative, but sometimes may require surgery - removal of the affected duct.
  • White discharge from the nipples often observed in galaktoree and represent lactescent liquid colostrum or milk. Such discharge from the nipples during pregnancy, as we said above, are the norm. In all other cases, they are a symptom of hormonal imbalance in women. So if you were a white discharge from the nipples, you should visit an endocrinologist and mammalogy. You should also donate blood for the content of prolactin and thyroid hormones. Sometimes, galactorrhea can occur in women taking oral contraceptives.
  • The appearance of the nipple discharge transparent yellow or green can be observed in fibrocystic mastopathy.
  • Closed chest injury. In this scenario, you experience bleeding from the nipple. In some patients, they are not bloody, and yellow.
  • Clear discharge from the nipple may appear on the background of acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases of the female genital organs, as well as after a miscarriage in early pregnancy or abortion.
  • Mastitis. When purulent fusion of breast tissue from the nipple appear pus. In this case, the treatment is carried out by the surgeon lies in opening the abscess, drainage of the cavity and the use of antibiotics.
  • Intraductal papilloma. It is a benign tumor, located within the cavity of the milk ducts. One symptom of this disease is the appearance of the nipple bleeding, with quite a thick consistency. Treatment operative with mandatory histological examination of the removed tissue of the breast.
  • Breast  Discharge from the nipple - the main reason for seeking mammologu
   cancer. The disease is asymptomatic for a long time. One of the first signs is the appearance of bleeding from the nipple to the affected breast. Often, while the increase in a woman of the same breasts and the appearance of its thicker nodular tumors. Some patients complain that they hurt the nipple and discharge from the breast, wearing a spontaneous character.
  • Paget's disease. This disease is a special form of breast cancer primarily affects the nipple. When Paget's disease affects the appearance of the nipple (retraction inward deformation), the color (darkening or redness). Often patients complain that they have a nipple discharge and pain in the area or it appears itching, burning. Cancer Treatment Paget operative - removal of the breast (mastectomy).

Discharge from the nipple: what to do?

If you find yourself separated from the nipples, be sure to go to the doctor-mammologu. For an accurate diagnosis requires laboratory and instrumental examination:

  • Ultrasonography (US) of mammary glands;
  • Mammography;
  • The blood analysis on hormones;
  • Cytologic study of discharge from the nipple.

Remember that the appearance of any discharge from the breast always requires special attention and mandatory in-depth survey. This is especially true of bleeding from the nipple when they appear, a doctor should contact immediately!