Brief description of the disease


In people, the disease is called a valgus deformity - "cones" or "bones". At the moment, it is one of the most common diseases of the foot, which manifests itself in the form of deformation of the thumb. During the walk, especially in tight, uncomfortable shoes is deflected into the foot. In this shifted first metatarsal head and the inflammation of the joints, which further leads to the formation of osteophytes - studs (ossicles) in the vicinity of the first joint of the thumb. Little by little, the latter begins to sag into the foot and put pressure on the second finger, which is also bent and fixed in position deforming. That is exactly what occurs valgus foot deformity in children and adults.

The pathology described above - it's not just a cosmetic (ugly stop gives a person psychological distress), and orthopedic problems as a bump does not allow a person to walk normally, constantly sore, forcing wear shoes large size, which is several sizes larger required. Note also that valgus affects not only the foot, but the tendons, bones, joints and other body parts. In particular, the disease leads to:

  • deforming arthrosis of the joints;
  • exostosis heads of metatarsal bones;
  • chronic bursitis;
  • internal (varus) bone abnormalities;
  • combined or transverse flat

Valgus deformity of the foot - causes of the disease

Factors that trigger the emergence and development of the disease are not fully understood. However, in recent years, medical researchers have made progress in identifying the causes of the disease. For example, they found that valgus deformity of the fingers is the result of genetic and endocrine disorders, flat, osteoporosis. Especially important is what kind of shoes a person chooses. If you prefer to wear high-heeled shoes or shoes with narrow nose (the so-called "Cossacks"), be prepared for the fact that, sooner or later you need treatment of hallux valgus as close incorrectly matched shoes leads to uneven distribution of load development of various pathologies.

Symptoms of hallux valgus

First, patients complain of a small lump, which was formed at the base of the thumb. At first, she does not give virtually no discomfort, but some discomfort when wearing normal, casual shoes being felt already from the first days of the disease. As the disease increases the pain, and the skin around the bone becomes inflamed and calloused, which limits the range of motion and causes severe pain when walking. In the end, the thumb completely deformed, and from that moment a man begins "gay life" when every step is like a feat, because of the severe pain does not help even a special orthopedic shoes.

Valgus deformity of the foot - Treatment and prognosis

In the early stages for the treatment of hallux valgus is permissible to use a variety of orthotics - insoles, finger correctors, insole and ties. Also shows good effect massage, physiotherapy and warm foot bath. However, all of these funds, as well as recipes of traditional medicine, absolutely no help in advanced disease. They only relieve pain and inflammation in the area of ​​bumps, but can not deal with the main problem - the deformation of the joint. In the latter case it will only be effective surgical treatment of hallux valgus, aimed at correcting the adverse changes and achieve good aesthetic results.

Previously, surgery was made absolutely barbaric methods. Surgeons or just sawed down the protruding part of the joint, or remove it completely. And in fact, in both cases it was able to solve the problem only partially, as a result of the operations of the thumb held only by the soft tissues, and the risk of various complications was too high.

Modern orthopedics offers much more sparing surgery. Nowadays special popularity gained little traumatic ways to correct joint. Due to their use valgus toes corrected without plaster and metal, which significantly improves the quality of human life. Surgical intervention is aimed at changing the angle between the bones of the foot and the proper distribution of the pulling cords moment. Previously, these operations were carried out only abroad, but now in our country there were specialists who can save people from pain without injuring his legs. Note also that if the valgus deformity of the foot is removed by using modern techniques, the patient recovers quickly after treatment and can move independently on the second day after the operation, not to worry that he might be manifested relapse.

Valgus foot deformity in children

 Treatment vagulsnoy strain in children

In children, the disease most often occurs after the child begins to walk independently. During this period, his legs are experiencing severe stress, which, coupled with poor muscle and ligaments leads to various pathologies. If time does not notice the adverse change, the valgus flat feet and lead to other complications. In severe cases, children appear strong curvature of the spine and legs, impaired posture, scoliosis, constant pain in the legs.

If any symptoms of hallux valgus is an urgent need to address to the orthopedist, to refrain from long walks and games in a standing position. The orthopedist will select a special kid shoes, corrective insoles and other means to correct foot. If valgus deformity, treatment which has not led to the expected results, continues to progress, the doctors are considering the treatment of orthopedic tires, folding or corrective surgical intervention.