Brief description of the disease


Drug addiction - is the use of drugs the person from whom he falls into a relationship and feels an irresistible attraction to drugs.

Drugs - substances that act on the human body in the form of drug intoxication and having the characteristic side effects. They are addictive, both psychologically and physically. In between their methods, a drug addict there is a painful condition, the so-called break-up.

Drugs allow a person to obtain a temporary illusion of pleasure.

Drug euphoria - a brief, lasting from one to five minutes, and at other times, for 1 to 3 hours, a period of relaxation, which is gradually transformed into a state of drowsiness, sleep and delirium.

Signs of Addiction

Drug addiction - is insidious. Period of addiction to drugs lasts about 6 months.

The person taking the drug, manifested mood swings, changes the rhythm of sleep, decreased appetite, disrupted his routine life.

Addiction is a disease characterized by mental disorder and a strong thrust to receive drugs.

A drug addict - unstable blood pressure, there is a violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pupils at the person taking the drug, - unnaturally narrow or, conversely, significantly expanded, with painful brilliance. Look - foggy. The facial skin - pale, earthy shade, hair and nails become brittle.

Bad breath says junkie hooked on marijuana. Persistent cough or rhinitis caused by heroin use.

Signs of addiction include poor appearance. It appears carelessness and slovenliness in dress, craving for black.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is performed in a hospital, under the supervision of specialists and psychologists, comprehensively and individually.

The mainstay of treatment is the removal of physical and psychological dependence on the drug.

Work is under way to detoxify the body, restore the nervous system, sleeping, taken measures to support the cardiovascular system.

Addiction Treatment - long and complex process, the result of which depends entirely on the patient that is configured for a cure, which is rare.

Drug prevention

Treatment of drug addiction often do not give positive results, so the prevention of drug abuse - one of the most important ways of preventing it.

And should start with the family, where parents and their example of sobriety are of great importance.

Trust relationships, open communication between parents and children - the key to prevention of drug abuse. Indifference, rude and dictatorial practices in family relations make the child vulnerable to bad temptations including drugs. If a teenager mature communication problems, isolation, effective assistance it can provide psychological training.

They do not have the right to remain on the sidelines and schools, where the prevention of drug abuse should be carried out in an accessible way, to form a firm position in adolescents discontinuing the drug.

This work - a constant and with the involvement, as many young people. It is held in the form of conversations, lectures and film screenings.

The executive power in each region are obliged to provide the necessary health promotion through the media.

In addition, drug prevention includes tightening of legislation, improvement of society, reducing contact with the drug.

The problem of drug abuse

Drug addiction is spreading fast. Currently, there is virtually no single region, which would not have recorded cases of drug use.

The problem of drug addiction is that the person who uses drugs, never plead addict. He does not go for medical care, though detrimental substances have a negative effect on his body, destroying the psyche and health.

Every day a large number of people for the sake of novelty feelings, try drugs. Later, at the onset of the difficulties of life, they are again drawn to these drugs to, at least temporarily, to escape reality, to forget about all their failures. They do not realize that in this case they have a new problem - a problem of addiction.

And it will continue as long as the harsh lessons of life does not show this person that such an existence - is unacceptable that the drug problem, which arose from it, should be urgently resolved. But it will disappear only when he realizes seek medical advice.

But this happens very rarely, so addiction continues to thrive.

Drug abuse among adolescents

Drug addiction - one of the global social problems, attracts different segments of the population.

Increasing drug addiction among adolescents, to replenish their ranks, mostly among children living in dysfunctional families.

Teenage drug abuse - is a terrible social phenomenon in which the broken lives of the young, not strong organism.

In the presence of immature mentality, teenagers readily take drugs, not knowing or thinking about the consequences that await them in the near future. Being under the influence of drugs, they do not understand that addiction is ruining their lives.

The younger generation, yielding a great desire to stand out among their peers, gets in the way of drug use, which in most cases leads to crime.

Addiction creates juvenile delinquency, which is a big problem for the whole society.

Teenage drug abuse is surely among the young people's lives, crippling them mentally and physically.

Cure teenage drug addict - is very difficult because he likes to be drugged when in front of him all the problems disappear, do not need to be strong, and responsible for their actions. Therefore, a teenager does not want to live differently and avoids treatment.

Drug abuse among adolescents should be, if not completely eradicated, greatly reduced the overall joint efforts of all members of society.

Harm Addiction

 Addiction Treatment

The harm of addiction - great! He is addicted to drugs causing a threat to society and each individual family.

Drug addiction leads to the degradation of human, physical destruction, disease and death. Among them - a large number of AIDS patients.

Addicts generally lead a criminal way of life, where thriving theft and prostitution. They bring a lot of trouble and suffering of their loved ones.

To get drug addicts are struggling to get money, which often leads them to criminal activities.

So great is the harm of drug abuse and the increase in crime. Robberies, thefts of cars, robbery, rape, murder committed in a state of narcotic intoxication, with each passing day increases the sad statistics.

The harm of drug addiction can be seen in the fact that young people are subject to it.

This means that drug addiction is undermining the health of future generations and can lead to the rapid aging of society.