Azotemia - treatment and prevention
 Elevated levels in the blood of nitrogenous products of metabolism, mainly protein origin, which leads to the violation of renal excretory function, called azotemia.

There are three types of azotemia - prerenal, renal and postrenal differing causes of origin, but have similar characteristics, namely:

  • Increase in blood urea nitrogen;
  • Reduced glomerular filtration rate of the kidneys;
  • Increasing the concentration of creatinine in serum.

To determine the type of azotemia in vitro analysis of blood to determine an index ratio of urea nitrogen to creatinine. For example, if the index is less than 15 - the type of patient renal disease, more than 15 - Prerenal much more than 15 - postrenal.

Reasons azotemia

As mentioned above, in medicine, three types of the disease, which differ from each other cause. So prerenal azotemia is the result of circulatory disorders of the kidney due to:

  • Heart failure;
  • Hemorrhage;
  • Shock;
  • Reduction in blood volume.

The main causes of renal azotemia are:

  • Acute renal failure;
  • The parenchyma of the kidney (glomerulonephritis);
  • Acute tubular necrosis.

The consequence of this type of disease is uremia.

The main causes of azotemia postrenal perform any mechanical obstruction of urine outflow - the stones in the ureter, bladder tumor or prostate, ureter compression in increased size of the uterus (during pregnancy).

The symptoms of azotemia

The patient's condition worsens when azotemia with the development of other symptoms of the underlying disease, as well as the growth of the amount of nitrogen metabolites in the blood. The main symptoms of azotemia are:

  • Oliguria (diuresis sharp decline);
  • Anuria (cessation of urine output);
  • Dry mouth;
  • The tendency to bleeding;
  • Constant thirst;
  • Swelling (anasarca not excluded);
  • Fluctuations in blood pressure;
  • Uremia;
  • Tachycardia.

The disease also causes a number of symptoms of the various systems of the body, namely:

  • Nausea, sour ammonia breath, vomiting, profuse diarrhea, indigestion, and anemia (digestive system);
  • Muscle twitching arms and legs, tremor, change of acute depression, and vice versa excitation, drowsiness, depression and general violation of respiration (nervous system);
  • Itching and dryness of the skin that cause the patient discomfort and agony, until the combing and some tearing of the skin during sleep (skin).

Also among the symptoms of azotemia isolated apathy, confusion and extreme weakness of the patient.

Diagnosis of the disease

To put a correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the patient should consult a urologist or nephrologist. Doctors will give direction on an overall analysis of blood and urine, as well as determine the index of the ratio of BUN to creatinine, which will learn what kind of azotemia ill patient.

Treatment azotemia

With timely diagnosis and apply adequate treatment azotemia maximum probability of a full recovery. In cases where the patient asks for medical help with a considerable delay, a full recovery is much more difficult to achieve, even with intensive treatment and correction of the threat of chronic renal failure is high.

Treatment generally includes azotemia:

  •  Azotemia - Causes and types
 Symptomatic therapy;
  • Hemodialysis;
  • Eliminating the causes;
  • Use of drugs whose action is directed to the normalization of blood pressure and improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Prevention of disease

Thus, azotemia occurs because kidney damage, which leads to the accumulation of nitrogenous metabolic products in the blood. There are three types of the disease, each of which has similar characteristics of the two other species, but different causes of.

For the prevention of disease are advised to avoid hypothermia and promptly treat diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. Self-diagnosis and treatment azotemia may lead to chronic renal failure, so the manifestation of the first symptoms should seek professional help.

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Transverse and longitudinal flat feet - treatment, symptoms
Polio - types, symptoms, treatment and prevention
Psychomotor agitation - concept, types, symptoms
Food poisoning - symptoms, prevention, first aid
Polycystic ovaries - causes, symptoms, consequences
Causes and symptoms of portal hypertension
Psychoorganic syndrome - Causes and Treatment
Pleurisy - types, symptoms, treatment
Postpartum depression - symptoms, causes, treatment
The main symptoms of kidney failure
The main symptoms of renal colic
Preeclampsia - degree, symptoms, treatment
Prolactinoma - treatment, symptoms, diagnosis
Premenstrual Syndrome - Symptoms, Treatment
Ptosis - treatment, the reasons for the operation
Psychopathy personality - Symptoms, Types, Treatment
Prostatitis - Treatment, Symptoms, Causes
Proctitis rectum - Symptoms, Treatment folk remedies
Psoriatic arthritis - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Pseudotuberculosis - symptoms, prevention, treatment
Brain cancer, symptoms, treatment
Laryngeal cancer - stage, symptoms, treatment
The damage and meniscal tear - symptoms, surgery, treatment
Molar pregnancy - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Bowel cancer - symptoms stage treatment, symptoms
Pemphigus - treatment and prevention of disease
Bone cancer - symptoms, metastases, treatment
Kidney cancer - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Thyroid cancer - symptoms, treatment
Prostate cancer - stage treatment
Bladder Cancer - Symptoms, Treatment
Colon cancer - symptoms stage treatment
Purpura - types, causes, treatment
Tongue cancer - symptoms, treatment, prognosis
Pulpitis acute and chronic - treatment, symptoms
Pathogenesis syndrome empty sella
Ovarian cancer - symptoms, treatment, metastasis
Heel spur - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Sciatica - the types, symptoms, treatment
Lip cancer - symptoms, treatment
Multiple sclerosis - symptoms, treatment, causes
Rheumatic fever - symptoms, treatment
Rheumatic heart - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Liver cancer - symptoms, treatment, prognosis
Oral cancer - symptoms, treatment
Cancer endometrial cancer - symptoms, treatment
Rheumatoid arthritis - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Reflux - treatment, symptoms, types
Retinopathy - symptoms, treatment, diagnosis
Stiff muscles - causes and consequences
Reflux esophagitis - symptoms, treatment, diet
Rinolaliya - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis
Blood cancer - stage, symptoms, treatment
Rotavirus symptoms, prevention, treatment
Testicular cancer - symptoms, stage, treatment
Crick - treatment, symptoms
Pink zoster - Treatment of diseases and symptoms
Sarcoidosis of the lungs - the symptoms, treatment
Saktosalpinks - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Causes and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
Asperger's Syndrome in children - symptoms
Retention cysts - treatment and removal
Rickets - signs, symptoms and treatment
Rhinitis - types, symptoms, treatment
Vomiting - causes, diagnosis, care
Horner's syndrome - the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
Why are there and how to manifest restless legs syndrome
Kaposi's sarcoma - symptoms, treatment
Rheumatoid arthritis - symptoms, treatment, folk remedies
Sarcoma - types, symptoms, treatment
Cardiac asthma - treatment, symptoms, help
Anthrax - symptoms, prevention, treatment and predictions
Down Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis
Williams Syndrome - a genetic congenital disease
Serozotsele - description, symptoms, treatment
Salmonellosis - prevention, symptoms, treatment of the disease
Rectal fistula - treatment, symptoms, removal
Retinoblastoma in children - Treatment, Diagnosis, Causes
Salpingitis - symptoms, treatment, diagnosis
Chronic heart failure - treatment, classification
Diabetes - treatment causes types
Syndactyly - Causes, operation, rehabilitation
How does Dandy Walker Syndrome
Erysipelas disease - symptoms and treatment of the disease
Seborrhea - treatment and prevention of disease
Reactive Arthritis - Symptoms, Treatment
Guillain-Barre syndrome - symptoms and causes
Silicosis light - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Gilbert's syndrome - symptoms, treatment, diet
From that arises drug dependence
How does medication withdrawal
Patau Syndrome - trisomy of chromosome syndrome
Vascular insufficiency - symptoms, treatment
Synovitis of the joints - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Marfan syndrome - symptoms, treatment
Scoliosis - degree, treatment and Gymnastics
Systemic lupus erythematosus - diagnosis, symptoms, prognosis
Causes and symptoms of Rett syndrome
AIDS - prevention, symptoms, disease
Reye's syndrome - a description, symptoms and treatment
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Reiter's syndrome - the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
Lyell Syndrome - Symptoms and Treatment
Prader-Willi syndrome - symptoms and diagnosis
Sunstroke - first aid, symptoms
Tietze Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Staphylococcus aureus in the nose - symptoms, treatment
Sleeping sickness - Symptoms, pathogen, prevention and treatment
Cushing's syndrome - symptoms, treatment
Hepatic steatosis - treatment, symptoms, causes
Vascular cyst - Causes, Treatment
Tetanus - prevention, symptoms, treatment of the disease
Cri du chat - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Turner's Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Spondylitis - types, symptoms, treatment
What are the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome
Raynaud's syndrome - etiology and clinical manifestations
Tourette's syndrome in children - treatment, diagnosis
Scarlet fever - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Spazmofilii children and adults - symptoms, treatment
Headache tablets - name group selection
Systemic scleroderma - diagnosis, treatment, prognosis
Heatstroke - first aid, symptoms
Toxic erythema - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Teratoma - types, symptoms, treatment
Teniasis - Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment
Substance abuse - types, consequences, treatment
Stomatitis in children and adults - treatment, symptoms
Crack ribs - symptoms, treatment
Streptoderma - treatment, symptoms, types
Strongyloidiasis - analysis, symptoms, prevention and treatment
Tachycardia - symptoms, causes, treatment
Crack rectum - symptoms, treatment
Epidemic typhus - diagnosis, symptoms, treatment
Tendinitis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Trichuriasis - symptoms, prevention, treatment, diagnosis
Trichinosis - diagnosis, symptoms, treatment of the disease
Trihofitii - types, symptoms, treatment
Trypophobia - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Trichomoniasis - Symptoms in men and women, prevention, treatment
Trophic ulcer on the feet - treatment
Tuberculosis bone - treatment, symptoms, prognosis
Thrombophlebitis - types, symptoms, treatment
Injuries of teeth in children and adults - classification, treatment
Tubo-otitis - Treatment, Symptoms, Causes
Toksokaroz - symptoms, treatment, folk remedies
Toxoplasmosis - symptoms and treatment analysis
Tubulointerstitial nephritis - treatment, symptoms
Knee injuries - types, treatment, care
Hyperthyroidism - Treatment, Symptoms, Causes
Toxicosis - dates, symptoms, treatment, prevention
Hearing loss - the causes, extent, treatment
Thyroid - symptoms, treatment, prognosis
Trachoma - stage, symptoms, treatment
Uveitis eye - treatment, symptoms, treatment
Tricuspid regurgitation - the extent and treatment
Tularemia - symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment
Nodular goiter - treatment, the degree of symptoms
Drowning - types, features, help
Faringotraheit - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Bruising - treatment, symptoms, consequences
Pheochromocytoma - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
Acute bronchitis - treatment, symptoms
Ovarian fibroma - treatment, symptoms
Knee injury - symptoms, treatment, consequences
Thrombocythemia - description, treatment, symptoms
Dental fluorosis - treatment, symptoms
Chlamydia - simtomy, diagnosis, treatment and implications
Hilez - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Erythema nodosum - symptoms, causes, treatment
Cholera - prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Chorea - forms, symptoms, treatment
Cholangitis - symptoms, treatment, diagnosis
Cellulitis - types, symptoms, treatment
Fibroadenoma - symptoms, treatment and removal
Chronic bronchitis - treatment, symptoms, prevention
Chronic pyelonephritis - treatment, symptoms, prevention
Tooth extraction - causes, methods, consequences
Phimosis - types, causes, treatment
Celiac disease in children and adults, symptoms, treatment
Fibroma - treatment and removal, symptoms
Phenylketonuria - types, symptoms, treatment
Chronic glomerulonephritis - treatment, symptoms, prevention
Cervicitis - Treatment, Symptoms, Causes
Ureaplasmosis - symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of diseases
Cytomegalovirus - symptoms, ways of infection, treatment
Follicular cysts - causes, symptoms, treatment
Furuncle - causes, treatment at home
Bruising of the brain - the consequences, symptoms, diagnosis
Chalazion century - causes, treatment, folk remedies
Scabies - symptoms, pathogens, ways of infection, treatment
Treatment of chronic renal failure
Functional cysts - symptoms, treatment gap
Neck Headache - treatment, prevention
Furunculosis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Shock - types, help
Cervical lymphadenitis in children, adults - causes, treatment
Esophagitis - symptoms, types, treatment
Cirrhosis of the liver - symptoms, treatment, stage
Electrocution - types, causes, help
Endocarditis - symptoms, treatment, prevention
The concept of emotional lability (weakness)
Endarteritis lower limbs, symptoms, treatment
Chronic nephritis - treatment, symptoms, types
Enterocolitis - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
Enterobiasis - symptoms, analyzes, treatment of the disease
Head injuries - treatment, diagnosis
Enterovirus infection - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
Mumps - treatment, symptoms
Enuresis - treatment, prevention
The plague - epidemic, symptoms, treatment, etiology and pathogenesis
Epidermal cyst - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Erythrasma - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Erythema - symptoms, prevention, treatment
Erosion of the esophagus - treatment, symptoms
Chronic epididymitis - symptoms, treatment, causes
Exophthalmos - a protrusion of the eyes
Cervical erosion - Treatment, Causes, Symptoms
Beats - symptoms, causes, treatment
The erosion of the stomach - treatment, symptoms, food
Schizophrenia - signs, symptoms, treatments
Endometrioid cyst - treatment, surgery, removal
Endometritis - treatment, symptoms, signs
Echinococcosis - diagnosis, symptoms, treatment of the disease
Emphysema - types, symptoms, treatment, prognosis
Ehsherihioza - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Eclampsia pregnancy and postpartum - treatment, symptoms
Endemic goiter - treatment, symptoms, prevention
Encephalopathy - types, symptoms, treatment
Athlete - types, symptoms, treatment
Ulcerative colitis - Treatment, Symptoms, Diet
Stye - treatment, prevention, symptoms
Foot and mouth disease - symptoms, treatment, prevention