Zumba is a special dance fitness program, which was developed by Colombian fitness instructor Albert Perez. At the heart of this program laid aerobic workout with rhythmic movements to music in style latino. Zumba can be carried out both individually and group of dancers.  Zumba - a dance fitness

Features Zumba Fitness

During lessons Zumba body gets aerobic activity of varying intensity, with the relaxation of the nervous system receives thanks beautiful and rhythmic music. Depending on the type of music composed program complexity.

Zumba Suitable for beginners and professional dancers. This program is an innovative training with different backgrounds. At the heart of each class is music, steps and certain movements. The group of dancers formed depending on training, age, physical condition and experience.

Zumba for beginners consists of a simple rhythmic movements by Latin American songs.

Benefits of Zumba lessons

Externally, zumba fitness is simple that does not require special equipment, but in the classroom develops all muscle groups. Rhythms and steps allow high-quality muscle weight, train the respiratory system and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Movement held alternately with musical accompaniment. Thus, creating an atmosphere of discos, relieves stress and psychological stress.

An important advantage of Zumba fitness is to eliminate the problems of overweight and stimulate weight loss. Also under the influence of the dance increased muscular system, increases vitality, strengthens blood vessels, develops plasticity, flexibility and a sense of rhythm.

Each lesson lasts Zumba about 40 minutes, during which burns up to 500 calories.

Zumba fitness is different from the classic laid-back atmosphere and beautiful dance music.

The main advantages include Zumba Fitness:  Duration of the lesson Zumba - 40 minutes

  • the ability to maintain the body in good shape;
  • high performance sports and dance programs for weight loss;
  • cardiac exercise and improving endurance;
  • emotional relaxation and psychological relief;
  • increase self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • receive professional dance skills;
  • meet new people and chat.


Zumba Fitness is contraindicated in people with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, cancer, severe diseases of the musculoskeletal system and bone, serious diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Zumba lessons are contraindicated in the postoperative period, as well as the presence of open wounds, ununited joints, injuries and burns.