Water aerobics

Water aerobics - a kind of aerobics, in which the training takes place in the pool.  Water aerobics - aerobics in the water
 Water aerobics is very popular for a few years, but every day resourceful instructors offer more of her face, or rather, depth. What is so useful in water aerobics classes, and any hidden physical strength they have open?

Today, water aerobics, reviews, the most effective means for all people who want to not only lose weight and keep the body in good shape, but also to restore health. Water aerobics classes are shown to people of all ages and body type.

The essence of the water aerobics

The water has the effect of simultaneously resistance, ejection and hydrostatic pressure. The effect reduces ejection force of gravity, reducing the load on the spine and joints. Therefore, water aerobics, reviews, much less traumatic, especially for overweight people, which is very difficult to control his own body in a conventional gym.

It is known that the water resistance is stronger in the air 12 times. Therefore, even an ordinary lifting his hands in water requires more effort from the man, therefore, and burns more calories. It turns out that while the muscles are working, hip, elbows and knees are relaxed, so well strengthens ligaments. In addition, water aerobics classes are utilized when those muscles that do not work anywhere else.

Hydrostatic pressure stimulates blood circulation. This is very useful for people with edema. Also, the pressure of water improves the return of blood through the veins to the heart, which reduces the risk of stagnation in the lower limbs. Therefore, water aerobics and useful for people with varicose veins.

Contraindications training in water have little. However, as in any case, the main thing here is not to overdo it. For this lesson in the water should control instructor. If usual aerobics whole group involved working at the same pace and can easily stray from it, the exercise is doing water aerobics every person at your own pace.

Who recommended water aerobics classes?

Activities in the water are much more effective than on land, and the load on the human body at the same time much less. Because of this, particularly popular water aerobics for pregnant women and the elderly. Water aerobics for weight loss is shown to people suffering from overweight. Also useful lessons in the water to prevent diseases of the spine, joints and veins.

Today, doctors are unanimous in their opinion with respect to an active lifestyle during pregnancy. Therefore, if there is no individual contraindications, water aerobics for pregnant women - an ideal option. Activities in the water helps take the weight off the legs and back, which contributes to a more comfortable state of women, strengthening its nervous system and produce a mild quenching effect, because we all know that pregnant women should not get sick colds. According to numerous studies, regular classes in water during pregnancy help women more easily migrate birth.

Activities in the water all useful: they help to relax, relieve nervous and muscular tension, strengthen the nervous system. In addition, during water training on the body is a kind of water massage thanks to which the skin well moisturized, it becomes supple and elastic. Water massage does not allow to accumulate lactic acid in the muscles, so pain after training available.

According to reviews, aqua aerobics helps to relieve the spine. And if you add a special set of exercises that can be quickly corrected posture.

Very useful aqua aerobics for older people suffering from diseases of the joints, as classes are developing their mobility. A varicose veins water exercises help relieve the patients blood vessels, adjust the outflow of venous blood and improve blood circulation in the body.

Water aerobics for weight loss aims to raise the heart rate and keep it at a certain level for 20 minutes. When classes in water is enhanced calorie burning by overcoming the resistance of water. Burning calories also contributes to the water temperature, which is much lower than body temperature. In addition, an important role is played by the psychological factor: a large part of the body while exercising is hidden under the water, which allows the complete people do not experience discomfort. A whirlpool is also effectively helps combat cellulite.  Water aerobics classes with Noodles

Facts about water aerobics

  • To engage in water aerobics, it is not necessary to be able to swim. In addition, the classes help get rid of the fear of water, which contributes to the rapid swimming training.
  • If you are obese, then the best option for you - water aerobics for weight loss. And joints withstand the load, and the fat will go efficiently.
  • Water aerobics for pregnant women - a separate line of fitness. It was in the pool expectant mother can actively move with the least risk to themselves and the baby. Movement in the water more measured, below the tempo, no sharp twists and climbs. In the water, a pregnant woman is easy to take a comfortable position, and the constant movement of feet promote the development of the pelvic floor muscles and increase their flexibility.

What you need to exercise in aqua aerobics?

Classes may be held in shallow water, standing on the shoulders and in the deep, where the person does not get to the bottom. As a rule, water aerobics is enough depth in 1, 5-2 meters, and stay afloat special help support belt.

Equipment for water aerobics exercise quite a lot:

  • Supporting belt to help stay afloat. But to keep the body upright will have its own, with serious energy consumption. Here too you will have a good stretch the abdominal muscles and back.
  • Volume dumbbell with blades that are hard to move in the water.
  • Soft light dumbbells, which is also quite hard to keep under water.
  • Special boots that make legs heavier. Yes, I have to string up, not to go under water.
  • Foot blades, which help to increase the area of ​​resistance, making feet move becomes much harder.
  • Akvaperchatki that will turn your hands in frog legs.
  • Noodles - funny inflatable sticks, with which you can perform a variety of exercises for water aerobics.

precautionary measures

  • Patients with asthma are suitable only water aerobics classes in the shallow water.
  • In case of violation of the vestibular apparatus and damaged eardrums can be hard to keep your balance. Here you will be inserted in the ears of cotton swabs.
  • People with osteochondrosis of the cervical and vascular insufficiency may also experience balance problems, so it is recommended to start classes in shallow water.
  • People who are prone to allergies, you should avoid activities in highly chlorinated water. Also, do not interfere with protective goggles.