Cycle - is one form of fitness, sports training, which is carried out using a special simulator that simulates cycling (cycle, Cycle in English - a bicycle).  Cycle - training simulator simulating a bicycle

Cycle - training for those who want to lose weight

And not only. Due to the load, which provides a bike, you can support the cardiovascular system, which is why training saykl also called cardio.

So that's it regularly and actively cardio allows to start the process of fat digestion. Provided such an effect because the classroom in Cycle works include large muscle groups at the same time they are working at a high enough pace. It is believed that the ideal Cycle trainer for those who are obese.

In addition, the class Cycle enable disappoint muscles of the buttocks and thighs, remove cellulite, adjust the shape of the feet.

At the beginning of training the trainers are advised to engage in 2-5 times a week. Quick results expected from Cycle training is not necessary - only after three months of regular exercise (5 days per week). Once the desired result is achieved, it is possible to reduce the amount of training saykl 2-3 week.

Types of training Cycle

Before you begin to actively engage in the simulator Cycle, you must master the technique of training: to learn how to pedal, to alternate power and cardio. For this reason, it is recommended to engage a stationary bike under the supervision of a fitness instructor.

At first, gentle exercise is conducted, aimed at stimulating the cardiovascular system and fat burning. Engage in this rate is recommended for beginners.

After gentle exercises performed saykl medium intensity in which fat is burned to a greater extent, increased stamina. Move to this level of training tips for those who have sufficiently mastered the bike.

Once the level of the average intensity will be mastered, you can begin to engage in the Cycle in an increased pace. In this case, cardio lasts half an hour, as a supplement may be asked to perform exercises on the Cycle in a standing position, as well as the exercise for the press.

During training, you can change the types of loads - Cycle simulators are designed so that the chosen speed of rotation, the resistance, changing body position.  Simulator for training saykl

How to choose a trainer saykl

When you learn under the guidance of trainer bike, you can if you want to go home training. So before you certainly will be a question of choice for Cycle simulator training.

The simulator can be vertical or horizontal. The first is said about reviews of Cycle is ideal for beginners, its pedals are in a familiar position - under the saddle. A horizontal Cycle simulator is ideal for those who need to reduce the load on joints and spine - a person is in half upright position, and the pedal simulator are ahead.

The trainer ergometer - it is used by people in need of rehabilitation. This equipment allows maximum control over the load.

Judging by the reviews, Cycle can help those whose goal - not to exercise the buttocks and thighs, arms and back. This machine is called a stationary bike for hands and moving it is, accordingly, hands.

Contraindications to employment Cycle

Since the classes on a stationary bike involve significant physical stress, this means that in some diseases contra deal with Cycle:

  • high blood pressure;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • arthropathy.

It is possible that it will be possible to hold classes Cycle, but at a moderate pace - depending on the stage of the disease.