strip of plastic

Strip plastic - a gentle, beautiful and very romantic dancing.  Strip plastic - a kind of strip-dance
 This dance is a curious mixture of classical dance, aerobics and gymnastics stretch. The lessons of the dance direction fascinate its ease and appeal. They are reminiscent of oriental belly dancing lessons or erotic dances. Education strip of plastic plasticity involves the development, coordination and flexibility. Dance relieve tension and stress, will be liberated and relax after a hard day.

Use plastic strip lessons

In this dance direction identify several species .  All kinds of plastic and combines feminine movement, sensuality and passion in every movement .  The best known species are strip-Latina, plastic, classic strip .  Different kinds of dance carry different physical activity and different pace .  Each person chooses the direction that best suits his character, personality and life priorities .  Education strip of plastic is held in special dancing schools .  Every teacher and every school is distinguished by its own peculiarities and teaching methods .  Someone while paying more attention to technique and choreography, while others stretch .  However, lessons must be included in the warm-up, stretching and working out of movements to the music .  This dance helps to overcome their complexes, and regular exercise will help to become desirable and more open .  Dance moves allow to lose weight and keep the body in good physical shape .  During the dance involved the chest muscles, arms, press, buttocks .  At lessons help teachers learn how graceful and sexy move to the beat of music .  Classes strip of plastic

Music for strip plastics

Classes strip of plastic certainly accompanied by music. Music should create an unusual background for training appropriate to their nature. All movements in the productions create a smooth, continuous and sensual dance. These natural feelings as desire, passion and love - very close to the strip of plastic and music. Most importantly, the music was rhythmic, sensual and varied enough for playing time. This type of dance is not necessarily accompanied by fast music. Instrumental music and classical relaxation will be particularly relevant when the motion on the pole.