Shaping - exercise, individually tailored, and allowing to achieve beauty, physical perfection and harmony of the body. This method of correction in 1988, was developed and patented by Russian scientists. Contraindications and age limits for employment in shaping virtually none.  Shaping - a popular system of perfection of the body, which is designed to meet the problem areas

Occupations shaping

Depending on the age of shaping divided into shaping a classic (for women from 18 to 55 years), Uni-shaping (for girls up to 18 years), shaping therapy (for women 55 years and osteochondrosis), shaping for pregnant women (training organism during pregnancy). On the lessons taught to pregnant shaping time to relax, to breathe correctly. The classes also prepared and strengthened the muscles involved in the birth act.

All the exercises in this sport are divided into two groups. The first group consists of exercises designed to strengthen the back muscles, torso, press, chest, arms and neck. The second group of exercises can strengthen the muscles thighs, legs, buttocks.

Lessons shaping

Lessons consist of shaping the complex workout exercises, core exercises, aimed at the development of muscles, stretching exercises and relaxation exercises .  Businesses selected set of exercises in accordance with the constitutional type, the structure of the skeleton, the percentage of fat and other important indicators .  In the course of the lesson shaping instructors give advice and help to deal with certain movements .  During lessons shaping undergo considerable stress those muscles that are virtually untapped in everyday life .  Teachers monitor the proper shaping exercises, as well as the rhythm of breathing and heart rate .  Regular exercise greatly increases the efficiency, reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the musculoskeletal system .  All exercises are aimed at shaping the maintenance of normal cerebral blood flow and decrease blood pressure .  This popular sport can help to eliminate the bouts of depression, reduce the probability of occurrence of mental disorders .  Properly organized training can reduce the body's need for oxygen by reducing the heart rate at rest .  In the course of training are spent fatty acids from fat depot, reduced liver glycogen .  All the changes occurring in the body activate the metabolism for several hours after the end of classes .

Shaping Slimming

 Shaping for weight loss - is not just a sport but a way of life
 Systematic studies shaping help get rid of extra kilos .  Shaping slimming - a breakthrough system of the person's lifestyle .  At lessons shaping instructor should explain in detail how to change your diet to lose weight with regular training .  Pick up the instructor diet must be followed both during training and in the other days .  During the lessons shaping slimming can not eat high-calorie junk food and .  Diet during shaping eliminates fatty foods, confectionery, sugar, bread and flour products .  Experts also recommend a butter substitute vegetable, cut the amount of salt and add to the diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs .  During anabolic activities to increase muscle elasticity should eat a lot of protein foods, especially for an hour or two before the start of classes .  Baseline measurements to help determine changes in weight and calculate the percentage of weight before and after classes, instructors usually spend a month .  Certain diet, regular exercise to lose kilos in a short time .  A positive result depends entirely on the strength of will and effort of man .  Achieve results fail without commitment, hard struggle and a great desire .

Classes are shaping home

Occupation shaping at home should start with a warm up. If you skip a workout and go directly to the exercises, you can damage the ligaments and muscles. During the training you need to monitor your breathing and heart rate. You must try to breathe evenly, not breath delay. During the training it is important to drink plenty of non-carbonated water. Good rhythmic music while exercising can help relieve a headache, improve mood and relieve depression. If done correctly, the exercises should be felt pressure on certain muscle groups. Each exercise should be done for at least four minutes. Two minutes of exercise should be carried out with maximum intensity, and then break to stretch the muscles involved in the exercise. After class, shaping the house must necessarily be felt fatigue.