Revitonika - exercises for the muscles of the face
 Fitness Facial Revitonika a physiological method to restore architectonics of the neck and face. It is based on the principle of control of facial and skeletal muscles.

Reviews Revitonike confirm the fact that it is a worthy alternative to plastic surgery, and in some cases, for example, when recreating the chin, neck extension and formation of the young angle of the jaw, Revitonika efficient plastics.

Revitonika complex - a techniques and exercises for regular work at home. Thanks to these classes starts the process of rejuvenation, restores the functions of the body. Is engaged in working on their own Revitonikoy alignment balance the front and rear surface of the body, establishing a lifting of face and neck, as well as lymphatic drainage. As a result of the above actions is reduced capillary network and decreases swelling supracranial fascia.

Vector impact complex Revitonika

The system of exercises aimed at Revitoniki:

  • Removing muscle blocks;
  • Starting lymphatic drainage tissues of the neck and face;
  • Restoration of static posture and neck;
  • Working with a group of facial and masticatory muscles;
  • Intensification of blood flow in the capillary network.

Revitonika complex - is a real catalyst for change global view of the process of aging of the face and neck. The proposed system of exercises and knowledge gives every woman a unique opportunity to solve its individual problems, whether wrinkles in his youth, or the revival of the whole person in adulthood.

Such universality is explained by the fact that the exercises are designed to Revitoniki knowledge biogidravliki, biomechanics and the key principles of osteopathy. The method is based on "reverse" osteopathic principles of work, they follow the natural system of self-regulation of the body and help relieve muscle clips and blocks.

Indirect (or back) treatment techniques are completely safe, because built into the system of regulation of the balance of the human body at the local and global levels. They did not "indicate" the body where and that he "moved" the purpose of such techniques - to go behind the deformation of the body and help to unravel its "node".

Anatomical base Revitoniki

The system of fascia, which supports and unites all the tissues of the face and body, the lens is in focus fitness facial Revitonika. According to the anatomy of the human body is structured just due to the connective tissue (fascia and microfibrils), its share is 70%. From this it follows the importance of the fascial system for beauty and health.

Fascia controlled muscle tension and entangle the entire body, combining with the head and face with everyone, even the distant sites. By understanding these internal relationships, you can find out not only the cause of many age-related changes, but also to simulate a person to change his form and features, to participate in the process of tightening its contour and rejuvenation.

According to the principle Revitoniki ("united body") the person is a continuation of the body, that is the main reason for its age-related changes is the imbalance of the skeletal muscles, front and rear surfaces of the body (posture, static neck, the state of the musculoskeletal system).

Changes in the skin (wrinkles, folds, sagging) due to the influence of deforming the skull bones and muscle aging. Therefore, those who have decided to carry out exercises Revitoniki should know that the real causes of age-related changes in the facial features - a deformation of the entire musculoskeletal system.

For example, the main culprit for the formation of a double chin and facial swelling often becomes hypertonus (spasm) neck, due to the outflow of fluid in disturbed environments, and they accumulate in the tissues.

Restoring posture and static neck lymph and blood flow, working on fascia tension balance, we can give new impetus to self-regulatory mechanisms of the body that will get rid of most of the "age" of defects.

 Revitonika - feedback and recommendations
 Method Revitoniki, reviews, gives excellent results, not only for tightening the facial muscles, correction and extension of the neck, but also improves health: dealing talk about normalizing blood pressure, improve vision, and noted a decrease in headaches.

Thus, Revitonika - it is the only unique system of fitness for a person with the following features:

  • Scientific substantiation and experimental evidence (hence safety for health);
  • Unique algorithms perform special exercises aimed at modeling the neck and face;
  • Revitonika it based on the natural abilities of the human body to heal itself and samoomolozheniyu.