Fitkervs - feedback and recommendations
 Network of women's fitness clubs Kervs (Curves) was opened by Gary and Diana Haven in 1992 in Texas. They were the founders of the express fitness, thanks to which many women around the world regularly doing just half an hour a day to effectively get rid of excess weight.

Concept Haven is a combination of exercise for the cardiovascular system with strength training. In the East, a network is a relatively new and was named Fitkervs (FitCurves). To date, worldwide network consists of more than 10,000 clubs, supporters of the system with each passing day it becomes more and more, and according to statistics, today there are more than 5 million.

By all accounts, Fitkervs - is not only a quality fitness center, which employs professionals in the field of fitness and weight management, but also a team of like-minded, showing support and an individual approach to each client. The undoubted advantage of the network Fitkervs is that the club is focused solely on women, and training designed with all the features of the female body.

Also, experts in the field of fitness Fitkervs developed a special nutrition program that helps women of any build and weight category to lose weight without dieting and stress.

Company Fitkervs: Benefits

Training Fitkervs different from those that they have developed with the physical and psychological characteristics of women. Because of this to get a unique system, which includes a program of weight loss and five components of fitness, it is safe for health. Thirty-minute workout at the club Fitkervs replaces hour and a half lesson in any gym.

Trainers involved in fitness Fitkervs, based on the principle of hydraulic resistance, whereby the train can women with different backgrounds. In addition, the equipment has a therapeutic effect and helps to restore, strengthen and improve the body's many functions.

Engage in the network can the fair sex in the age from 12 to 85 years, regardless of the state of health and physical fitness. In addition, a fitness Fitkervs available to women at all levels of income and social status, as the cost of tickets is quite low.

Annually the company Kervs (Surves) allocates more than 4 million. Dollars on scientific research and development in the field of stabilization of the weight and health, the results of which are officially published on the website.

The unofficial motto of the company is the phrase: "No men, no mirrors, no makeup." Fitkervs mission is assistance to women to uncover their true purpose.

Thus, the goal is not only to help the fair sex to lose weight and, above all, to reveal a woman in every sense.

Fitness Fitkervs

Trainers clubs Fitkervs arranged in a circle, they include seven bipozitivnyh whose action is directed to the work of two opposing muscle groups, and one monopozitivny simulator.

By bipozitivnym simulators include such as:

  • Biceps and triceps, is designed to work the arm muscles, biceps and triceps;
  • Flexion and extension of the legs - involves muscles of the front and back of the thighs;
  • Shoulder Press, and pull the top - provides the trapezius and deltoid muscles of the shoulders, and latissimus dorsi;
  • Press and back - loads the muscles of the back and the press;
  • Dilution and mixing feet - is aimed at job leads and lateral muscles;
  • Chest and back - provides the large pectoral muscles, rhomboid, and latissimus dorsi;
  • Squats - work the quadriceps, gluteal and iliac muscles and hamstrings.

Monopozitivny simulator Fitkervs "leg press" loads the back of the thigh muscles, quadriceps, gluteal and iliac muscles.

Between Fitness equipment Fitkervs are eight rehabilitation stations, which after working the muscles you can either run or walk, whereby the pulse is maintained throughout the entire workout.

A group of women held half an hour a few laps simulators, those who have finished watching and leave the circle, and the newcomers occupy the vacated space, so you can connect to the occupation at any time. Before training Fitkervs runs small warm-up, and after passing a few laps - stretching.

By all accounts, Fitkervs very useful for housewives and mothers of newborns who can not be away from home for a long time.

Nutrition Program Fitkervs

In addition to an effective fitness program Fitkervs developers have also created a special nutrition program, which is divided into three phases, the first of which lasts for a week. During this period, weight reduction is due to the maintenance of fat and water, female fold average of from 1 to 1 5 kg. The day is allowed to use no more than 1,200 calories in 3 meals and two snacks. At the end of the first phase of the rate of weight loss begins to decline, the woman chooses to diet for 2 phases:

  • With high protein content;
  • With high carbohydrate.

Selection of the first or second embodiment in a day are not allowed to use more than 1500 kcal per three complete meals and 2 snacks. The duration of the second phase of the power supply system Fitkervs is 23 days.

According to research conducted by Fitkervs, strength training combined with protein diet, as well as the selection of the correct carbohydrates lead to weight loss in 95% of cases it is due to the burning of body fat, not muscle mass as with any other diet.

 Nutrition Program Fitkervs
 The second phase can be stretched over a longer period of time if the weight continues to decline by an average of 450 g per week. In cases where the weight loss does not occur at all, or in total weight is less than 450 g for 7 days, it should move to the next phase.

Duration of the third phase of the power supply system Fitkervs is 2 to 4 weeks, during which metabolism is restored. During this period the woman's body is given the opportunity to relax after a rapid weight loss. Developers Fitkervs power system did not anticipate at this stage of food restriction in calories, the main rule - to comply with the general principles of proper nutrition. If this phase of the weight will start to gradually increase, you must return to the first phase of 2-3 days. By all accounts, many Fitkervs system has helped save the results.

Many women nowadays dream of slim and fit body, but neither the time nor the extra cash on itself, unfortunately, is not. Fitness centers Fitkervs designed to work precisely just such a category of people, the cost of subscriptions to these clubs is lower than analog, and training takes only half an hour a day. The company's activities Fitkervs aims not only to help women in the process of losing weight, but also in finding their inner harmony and disclosure of its true purpose.