Chinese gymnastics Qigong - one of the oldest health practices, aimed at restoring human health and the attainment of their longevity and well-being. Practice using the methods of improvement, economically collect and transmit to their descendants for more than 7 thousand years ago, the sages of China, combining and healing exercises, and breathing exercises.  Qigong - Ancient Chinese improving technique

In the view of the Chinese philosophy of the world in which we live is filled with the energy of qi. It is present everywhere: in the air, in trees, buildings and, of course, in people. In the human body qi moves in the so-called meridians, and accumulates in dantanyah - energy centers of the body. The task of Qigong - the normalization of the flow of Qi in the human body, increasing its circulation and energy content three dantaney located in the area of ​​the head, sternum and abdomen, based on the natural self-repair mechanism, dormant in the human body.

Qigong Exercises

The basis Qigong up exercise combined with breathing exercises, performed under the harmonious, smooth, pleasant to listen to music.

Chinese gymnastics Qigong is aimed at harmonizing the human body at three levels: physical, emotional and intellectual. It carries out the activation of the physiological functions of the body, it helps to cleanse the blood vessels, increase the production of sex hormones, increase immunity, normalize metabolism.

Qigong Exercises reviving vitality of man, and also slow down the aging process. They include:

  • Events on involuntary tensing and relaxing the body, contributing to the concentration of the internal energy;
  • Exercises to retain the body in a certain position (to strengthening involved in the process of muscle);
  • Stretching to increase muscle elasticity, improve their tone;
  • Stretching exercises;
  • "Visy" in different positions (for advanced).

Breathing exercises Qigong

According qigong masters, many of us breathe incorrectly, using less than a third volume of his lungs. Breathing exercises qigong enhances the respiratory system, ensuring a constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, improving circulation, helping to maintain physical fitness, calm and clear thinking. Gymnastic Qigong exercises require mandatory combination of physical action with a deep breath, "belly" (diaphragm breathing).

When breathing diaphragm chest remains motionless: inspiratory belly pushed forward (filled with air), with an exhalation drawn back. The head is held straight with the neck and spine form a straight line. Depending on the type of Qigong exercises are distinguished:

  • "Breath of Fire". The rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing, in which breathing out at the expense of a sharp retraction of the abdomen (breath - passive, exhale - active). It is used in dynamic exercises of qigong;
  • Deep slow breathing, where a breath and exhale equal intensity. It is used in static exercises and has cleaning and relaxing effect.

The main aspects of qigong breathing exercises:

  • Deep breathing "belly";
  • Breathing through the nose only (unless otherwise stated);
  • Correct posture (straightened upper body).

Qigong exercises for the spine

Complex Chinese gymnastics Qigong consists of specific exercises, working with the spine and positioned therein energy bands. Qigong exercises for the spine available to all: it does not require special physical training and can be performed even weakened people.  Classes Qigong breathing exercises

Guidance on the Implementation of medical exercises Qigong:

  • Exercises must be done slowly, smoothly, without jerks;
  • Each of the jobs should be repeated 8-10 times;
  • Firmly press your lower back to the floor and back.

In order to exercise listed below were effective qigong exercises, each of which must be performed in strict sequence.

  • Starting position - standing. Leans back, while pressing the chin against the jugular notch, continuing to bend slowly and smoothly;
  • Starting position - standing. Spreads his arms at the shoulders. By turning the arm in one direction without affecting the spine and slowly repeat the movement on the other side. Exercise like the element of movement in belly dance;
  • Starting position - standing, with his hands up. Slowly bend over forward at an angle of 90 degrees. We fix the body in this position for 5-10 seconds;
  • Starting position - standing. Hands straighten forward at shoulder level. We are trying to get his hands to the floor and return to starting position;
  • Starting position - standing. One leg bent at the knee and tightens up, you can hand holding. After a few seconds to change the leg;
  • Starting position - standing, arms at shoulder height stretched to the sides. Mach leg raises, trying to reach the hands of the toe. Change the pace.

The basis of qigong exercises for the spine is right "belly breathing" - otherwise it turns into an ordinary qigong aerobics.

Qigong for weight loss

Qigong approach to weight loss is quite different from Western methods: aerobics, fitness, jogging. Chinese medicine does not consider forced the burning of calories, as well as restrictions on their revenue from food (diet) concept of healthy lifestyle.

The basis for weight loss Qigong consists of three exercises:

  • Frog. Sit on a chair, legs spread shoulder width apart at right angles. Squeeze the fingers of his left hand into a fist, holding her right hand. The body leaning forward, his elbows on his knees. Lower the head to the hands and relax your abdominal muscles. Breathe deep breathing, tensing his stomach so that he sulked like a ball. Exercise, well it reduces appetite;
  • Wave. Lie on your back and bend your knees at a right angle, pressing his foot to the floor. One hand lay on his stomach, the other - on the chest. On the inhale pull your chest and inflate the abdomen. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times. We recommend that you only when you feel hungry;
  • Lotus. Exercise stimulates the metabolism. Take a pose "lotus", cover your eyes. Within five minutes of alternate straight deep breaths, with the same expiration. Your condition should remind falling asleep. The duration of exercise - 10-15 minutes.

According to Chinese physicians, the problem of excess weight lies in the imbalance of yin and yang of the body: the flow of qi to restore harmony in his body, a person can eat without strict restrictions, while maintaining a slim figure.