Bodyflex - a unique technique for doing that just 15 minutes a day can make your figure slim and beautiful. It was developed by Greer Childers American housewife.  Bodyflex - a set of exercises based on aerobic respiration

Theory Bodyflex

Founder techniques Bodyflex believes that most of the problems in the human body due to the insufficiency of tissue respiration, or rather a lack of oxygen to the tissues of receipt. Therefore, it is certain that with the help of hyperventilation can not only improve their health but also to get rid of bottlenecks in their figure significantly improve it.

Exercises Bodyflex built on a combination of stretching and breathing delays. To say more simply, it looks like this: do a quick breath, and immediately followed by a maximum exhalation, during which must involve dramatically stomach, take the desired position and hold their breath up to 10 seconds. Methods Bodyflex for beginners is different from the general procedure only breath-holding time. For beginners, it should not exceed 5 seconds.

During exercise Bodyflex oxygen begins to flow strongly to the places for which the exercises and performed by oxidizing and burning fats available there. Efficiency Bodyflex, reviews, is largely dependent on the correct implementation of breaths, so the first few weeks of training should be dedicated specifically to setting the correct breathing techniques.

Basis Bodyflex inherently has many similarities with any breathing exercises and yoga. Incidentally, the founder of this method, Greer Childers does not hide the fact that it has developed on the basis of yoga exercises, she just refused to meditation.

Lessons Bodyflex

Engage Bodyflex everyone starts on his own. Someone had written in the fitness club, and someone buys a DVD with video recording lessons Bodyflex.

Bodyflex recommended to engage in the morning. This is due to the fact that the exercise should be carried out strictly on an empty stomach. The maximum that may be, it's a drink for half an hour before the beginning of a glass of mineral water or unsweetened tea rather weak. But if you can not make time for classes Bodyflex the morning, you can transfer training at a more convenient time, the main thing that you have not eaten for at least three hours before its start.

On exercises Bodyflex allocated only 15 minutes a day, and more than this time is not recommended. Methods for beginners Bodyflex provides more time to conduct training, as newcomers do not yet have sufficient skills.

Those who are going to start taking lessons Bodyflex, you should know that starting to train for this procedure to stop the classes without replacing them with any other physical activity will not be because In this case, the lost weight back in just a few days, even if you follow a strict diet.

Bodyflex: reviews

Speaking of Bodyflex, as one of the methods to improve the figure, some people respond with great enthusiasm, while others on the contrary, do not hide their skepticism and disappointment. Thus, reviews of a variety of Bodyflex. The positive effects of this method can be called weight loss, the disappearance of wrinkles, restoring skin turgor, the influx of strength and overall improvement in health. On the Internet you can read reviews of these and Bodyflex alleging that this technique heals from a variety of chronic diseases. However, it is not. No clinical study has not confirmed this.

Bodyflex for beginners, largely through advertising, it seems a miracle! Indeed, the very author of this method Chaydelrs Greer argues that the first week of classes, you can lose up to 35 cm volume midsection. But in fact, these are added to the loss of centimeters volume from different parts of the body (hips, waist, legs).

Suitable for Bodyflex

This technique is great for healthy people with excess body weight. Implementation of this complex does not take much time and produce the desired results in a fairly short period of time, even without complying with low-calorie diet.

Bodyflex - is the perfect solution for those who, for whatever reason, can not be equipped with a small house a sports area or the swimming pool, gym. Perhaps this is why this method is very popular among young mothers. After all, it can be practiced at any convenient time, such as during sleep baby. However, it does not require any financial costs. Exercises Bodyflex make it easy to get rid of the accumulated during pregnancy loose fat and well tighten stretched abdominal muscles.

In some cases, Bodyflex not effective?

Lose weight with Bodyflex is far from everything. This method is not effective in the following cases:  Bodyflex - a special breathing technique

  • Bodyflex practically does not work sufficiently trained bodies. It can be used to maintain physical fitness, but clean with the help of a few centimeters extra volume, most likely, it will not work;
  • Efficacy Bodyflex markedly reduced in patients receiving hormonal contraceptives and agents, antidepressants and certain other drugs. Sometimes Bodyflex inefficiency can be explained by the peculiarities of the metabolism of the human body. This technique is not effective, and when dealing with does not believe in it and perform all the exercises through force, without pleasure;
  • You can not lose weight with Bodyflex and those who are not ready to deal with on a daily basis;
  •   Bodyflex does not allow to reduce the weight of the body is greater than it should be OK.

Contraindications for classes Bodyflex

Bodyflex contraindicated in diseases such as:

  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Availability of herniation;
  • Arrhythmia;
  • Severe heart failure;
  • Pregnancy;
  • High myopia;
  • Any acute illness or exacerbation of chronic disease.

All other health problems are relative contraindications to classes. They can be carried out after consultation with the doctor, and under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Complications classroom Bodyflex

Doctors emphasize that Bodyflex, indeed, any other breathing exercises based on breath-hold, is not for everyone. Exercises Bodyflex really improve blood circulation of tissues, contribute to a better saturation of oxygen. But in addition, they have a strong enough strain on the heart muscle, and lead to increased blood pressure.

If you are in the classroom suddenly started nosebleeds, appeared headache or any abnormal heart rhythm, it should be immediately discontinued. Resumption of training further possible only with the permission of the doctor.

Beginners during exercise may occur dizzy. Over time, it will appear less and less, and then completely disappear. But in this case, the activity should stop and give some respite. Then you can start training again, while reducing the length of breath.