Bodybuilding ("telostroitelstvo") - the process of building muscle hypertrophy due to subcutaneous fat by means of strength training: physical exercises with weights, high-calorie food with sufficient protein content, as well as a variety of anabolic agents.  Bodybuilding - a set of strength exercises in order to build muscle

An integral part of this sport is the formation of a relief body: for this program included training bodybuilding training, aerobics, weight lifting exercises, etc.

The founder of competitive bodybuilding is considered Eugen Sandow: it was he who in 1901 organized a beauty contest, athletic men. Sandow was one of the strongest men in the world - he could raise the bar with one hand, at both ends of which sat for an adult, and his chest withstand the weight of three horses.

Classic bodybuilding competitions include three rounds:

  • Qualifying round, in which the athlete demonstrates the mandatory poses (front double biceps, back muscles, front and back, chest, back double biceps, side biceps, triceps press-side and thigh);
  • Second Round - Free program;
  • The final round of bodybuilding - compulsory and free posing.

Training programs for bodybuilding

Bodybuilding exercises, depending on the tasks assigned athlete assume alternately on particular muscle groups. There are:

  • Exercise program on force. In work on the power trains bodibilder substantially central nervous system. CNS usually recovers longest systems and, therefore, requires a longer recovery time. The most important aspect of strength training in bodybuilding is the repetition rate: the more often worked through the movement, the more included in the process of muscle fibers, and the stronger the athlete;
  • Exercise program for weight. Train to ground eliminates the need for a high repetition rate - enough to work out each muscle group 2-3 times per week;
  • Exercise program for relief (for "drying" of the muscles). This sport focuses on bodybuilding training program "for relief": this is the most difficult task that depends on correctly matched exercise physiology and metabolism of the athlete.

Bodybuilding exercises to create muscle definition necessarily includes two main aspects:

  • Aerobic activity (brisk walking, running);
  • Nutrition and diet aimed at the fat burning process.

Nutrition in bodybuilding

Professional athletes say that bodybuilding diet without observing all the same that "pump up leaky wheel, it is not embedded in a puncture." Every bodybuilder is obliged to observe the following rules for the supply "drying" of muscles:

  • Gradual reduction of the number of calories consumed. Approximate nutritional value of the diet proportions: 50% carbohydrates, 40% - proteins 10% - fats. The tendency to reduce body fat by 1-3 kg per month is indicative of the norm;
  • Compliance with a balanced diet. Trim diet is necessary, first of all, due to animal fats and carbohydrates fast. Included in the diet of an athlete must be complex carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables, nuts, fruits, products from wheat flour);
  • Nutrition in bodybuilding should be small meals 5-6 times a day. Fractional power will maintain a high rate of metabolism. It is not recommended to skip meals, especially breakfast;
  • Receiving a sufficient number of proteins that suppress catabolic processes in the body and protect muscles during exercise. Some protein (about 40%) can be obtained from specialist sports nutrition;
  • Controlling the flow of liquid. The total amount of clean water, drink the athlete must be at least 2, 5 liters per day. The lack of fluid reduces the metabolism, which in turn slows down the process of losing weight.

For maximum results in bodybuilding Many athletes use drugs, fat burners: Clenbuterol, Ephedrine, thyroxine, having a number of contraindications.  Female bodybuilding competitions

Save Building Muscle helps anabolic steroids and testosterone boosters, the use of which is permitted in small doses and only with a doctor's permission.

Female Bodybuilding

The main difference between the female body from the male is in a different hormonal balance. The dominant hormone estrogen makes its own adjustments to the development of muscles in women, which manifests itself in a more elegant and refined body shape. And the female bodybuilding has set itself other goals than men: the size and muscle strength for the fairer sex are less important than their form.

Mindless up women bodybuilding exercises designed for men can lead to undesirable consequences, such as the inability to bear and give birth to a child. Intense physical exercise can improve blood pressure, increased heart rate (due to lower cardiovascular endurance), excessive excitability of the CNS, especially in the menstrual period. Therefore, female bodybuilding, compared with men's, has some fundamental differences:

  • Before the start of the regular bodybuilding - avoid injury joints - women should make strengthening ligaments using specific exercises of stretching and pilates;
  • The basic strength exercises in bodybuilding and powerlifting - bench press - could damage the shoulder. Therefore, the preparation for it in women should be carried out for a long time;
  • Since the patella in women exposed to shift more often than men, the fair sex should do more exercise-related leg straightening and eliminate virtually all strength training with squats.

The training process of bodybuilding are usually constructed with the cyclical changes in the condition of the body, depending on the menstrual cycle, which has a direct impact on physical performance, endurance, speed and power capabilities of women in sport.


There are a number of diseases in which strength exercises bodybuilding prohibited. They include scoliosis, osteochondrosis, hypertension, asthma, thyroid disease, and cardiovascular system. Absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy bodybuilding.