Dance aerobics

Dance aerobics - this is one of the areas of fitness, which is a set of exercises performed with musical accompaniment. It is also called "nizkoudarnoy aerobics", as these do not involve physical exertion exercise lying on a mat or using special shells and accessories.  Dance aerobics - a way to keep the body in top shape

Dance aerobics attracts many people with its accessibility, creative direction and emotionally.

The difference from the actual dance aerobics dance is that during training almost continuous movement - while at the dance lessons have to make a pause to learn new moves. Dance aerobics "kills two birds with one stone": and burns calories, contributing to the overall improvement of the body, and teaches the art of dance athlete - though not professionally, but it is a decent level.

Dance aerobics lessons allow to maintain the human body in good physical shape, stimulate muscle flexibility, promote fat burning. In addition, aerobic dance styles, unlike gymnastics, athletic - it's an excellent antidepressant, allows to develop in a person not only flexibility, plasticity and grace, but "creative flair", changing the course content according to their preferences, physical abilities and interests .

Dance aerobics for weight loss and health improvement

Regular dance aerobics classes can not only build the right proportions of the body, but also make the body more healthy and hardy.

The term "aerobic" literally means "use oxygen" or "living on air." Research the world Institutes of Health (including the University of specialist Reebok) confirmed the positive impact dance aerobics on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Aerobic exercise make the heart, blood vessels and lungs to "work" in a certain mode, to adapt to the increasing load. The result is a powerful immune system, the body is filled with energy and capacity for work, one forgets that this "chronic fatigue."

Here are some of the positive effects of regular exercise dance aerobics:

  • The increase in blood volume in the amount of capabilities to improve the transport of oxygen to the tissues of the body;
  • Strengthening the heart muscle, improved maintenance of its blood;
  • Strengthening the skeletal system, musculoskeletal system;
  • Increased efficiency;
  • The increase in lung volume;
  • Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • Increased stress.

 Dance aerobics lessons for beginners
 Perfect dance aerobics for weight loss: exercise contribute to a more rapid burn calories, strengthen muscles and correct figure. To aerobic exercise led to a long-awaited result, namely, slender and flexible body, without excess weight, you must follow a few rules:

  • Classes should be regular (at least 2-3 times a week);
  • To begin the exercise must be no earlier than 1, 5 hours after eating;
  • After school dance aerobics should not immediately go to lunch or on the couch: for several hours after the exercise is intense fat burning;
  • Despite the availability of physical activity, it is recommended to observe the principles of a balanced diet, avoiding excesses.

Dance aerobics at home

In order to feel the effect of exercise, not necessarily to use the services of a specialist, or visit the sports center - you can practice dance aerobics at home. Learn a few principles, without which no cost, no one lesson dance aerobics:

  • Warm. To deal adequately with the body burden, it is necessary to prepare, doing the exercises for the hands, shoulders, torso, legs and neck. Of course, under any rhythmic music;
  • Aerobic phase. It is essential for achieving the health effects of exercise. It is characterized by moderate loads that increase breathing rate and heart rate, but it does not violate the balance between inhalation and exhalation. Optimal pulse aerobic phase - 140-160 beats per minute. To verify the intensity of aerobic exercise you can use the "talk test": if, during the lesson, you can hold a conversation, then the load is permissible;
  • Power phase. Strength training should be no more than 10 minutes of aerobic dance classes. They include squats, push-ups, jumping and some other types of loads. During the power phase occurs strengthen bones and joints, as well as rapid burning calories;
  • Preparing for the termination of employment. Quitting suddenly exercise is not recommended: it's dangerous sharp drop in blood pressure. After the completion of training can not stop or sit down: you need some time to walk around the room, stretch your muscles, measured pulse and wait until the heart rate returns to normal.

Types of dance aerobics

Dance aerobics, as mentioned above, is carried out at a rapid pace under this or that music. Depending on the style of the musical direction of the following types of dance aerobics:

  • Latin aerobics. One of the most popular destinations in the dance aerobics, the main difference of which is springy step and continuous operation of the hips;
  • Funk aerobics. The alleged commission of undulations housing body and the hands-free plastic. It is recommended that people with choreographic preparation;
  • Hip-hop aerobics. One of the most severe types of dance aerobics. During one session burns about 450 calories;
  • Rock-n-roll aerobics. The main directions of aerobics are "rock and roll" step, jumps, turns, running, movement;
  • Belly dance (belly dance). Will forget about the problems in the waist, abdomen and thighs, make the girl more flexible and plastic;
  • Strip dance. In addition to the fight against excess weight, this trend in dance aerobics allows women to be liberated, to feel more confident and sexy.


Classes of dance aerobics are not recommended for people suffering from asthma, who have problems with the cardiovascular system and the spine, as well as patients with myocardial infarction or traumatic brain injury.