Exercises for the inner thigh

 Effective exercise for the inner side of the thigh
 Status inner thigh for most women is an urgent problem. The skin there is much thinner, which makes this area less elastic. And the portion on the inside of the thighs is the most favorite place for the accumulation of fat. Over time this leads to that the skin on the inner thigh becomes loose and begins to sag. How to avoid it? The first step is to reduce the amount of fat consumed, and the second - to begin to do the exercises for inner thigh.

It should be noted that this area is often invokes problems not only in women with excess weight, but also slim the fair sex. Often in lean women, the area between the thighs form the letter "O", which looks aesthetically ugly. Reduce the gap between the thighs may also help exercises for inner thigh.

The muscles of the inner thigh

Muscles on the inner surface of the femur consist of a group adductors. Adductor muscles are long leads, thin comb, resulting in a large and adductor brevis muscle. The main function of these muscles is to bring down. It turns out that these muscles work at a time when we reduce the legs. Therefore, all exercises for inner thigh is based on the strong reduction of the legs.

How to reduce body fat in the inner thigh?

Many women are concerned about how to remove fat from the inner thigh. It should be noted that to remove fat in this area of ​​the body, without affecting the other, it is possible only with the help of liposuction.

But just to lose weight and make the figure more beautiful, it is important to pick the right set of exercises aimed at specific areas of the body.

If the normal weight and flabby inner thighs is not caused by an excessive amount of fat, and the weakness of the adductors, then it's pretty easy to fix. Just do the exercises for inner thigh. Listed below are the most effective ones.

Exercises for the inner thigh

All the following exercises with the same success can perform both women and men. Before doing the exercises, it is recommended to warm up warming up.

1. Mahi feet horizontally. Kicks to the inside of the thigh must be performed slowly and with effort. The larger effect of exercise may be obtained by using special weights for legs. So, you need to lie on your side, leaning on the arm or his head resting on an outstretched hand. Foot, located on top, bend at the knee and place it in front of the lower leg behind the knee. Sock lower legs pull over. Lower leg slowly lift, then slowly lower. Foot on the floor do not put! If you will put your foot on the lower floor, you will reduce the strain on the muscles and reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Then turn to the other side, take the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do the exercise for the inner side of the thigh as long as you feel your leg muscles "burn".

2. Exercise "scissors". This exercise, despite its apparent simplicity, is very effective for the inner thighs. In addition, in the course of this exercise is carried out, and the load on the abdominal muscles. So, lie down on the floor, put his hands under the buttocks so that they palms facing down. It is also desirable to tear shoulders off the floor and stretch your chin to your chest. But if this is difficult for you, you can just put your head on the floor. Both legs lift 30 cm from the floor and pull the toes. Vigorously divorce and cross your legs. Spreads his legs about 20-30 cm. The legs should be thus strained, and stomach in, and too tense. You must make at least twenty crosses a few seconds then relax and repeat the exercise again.  Exercises for the inner side of the thigh with the ball

3. Exercises for the inner side of the thigh with the ball. For these exercises, you will require an elastic rubber ball.

  • Lie down on the mat and bend your knees. Feet should be flat on the floor. Hold the ball between your knees and pull your hands along the body. At the expense of time squeeze the ball is kicked, trying as much as possible to compress it. A two-count relax your feet. Do this exercise 30 times.
  • Stand up straight and hold the ball down, just above the knees. At the expense of just sit down, trying to keep the ball down, and the two-count go up. Do this exercise 15 times.

4. Squats and lunges.

  • Squatting "plié". It is necessary to stand up straight, with feet need to arrange as much as possible. Toes should be looking to the side. At the expense of just sit down, trying to fall to a line parallel to the floor. Back when it should be so. On the count of two rising slowly. It is necessary to make up to 30 such squats. Exercise will be much more effective if done with dumbbells hand.
  • Side lunges. Stand with your hands on your waist. At the expense of just lunged to the left, with his left leg bend at the knee. The knee should not extend beyond the toes of the left foot. Right leg straight, elongated. Exercise more effective, the lower you go down on loss. This exercise should be done 20 times for each leg.

Include these exercises inside of the thigh to the complex daily exercise and try to give them at least 15-20 minutes a day. After these exercises, be sure to perform stretching exercises muscles of the inner thigh.