Step aerobics

Step aerobics - one of the most effective and simple styles and trends in the family aerobics.  Step aerobics - rhythmic exercises all the muscles of the body, carried out on a special platform
 Training varied, interesting and simple. It does not require too much concentration of thoughts on the correct assimilation of various exercises. Step aerobics is indispensable for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. This training is very useful for athletes during periods of post-traumatic recovery and preparation for competitions. Renowned fitness instructor Gina Miller in the late twentieth century pioneered as a step aerobics or gymnastics. After a knee injury she used step for daily workouts. Remarkable results after a simple training on the steps of the house led her to create this entirely new kind of aerobics. Over time, it became widespread among the followers of the active and healthy lifestyle. A few years ago, this new type of fitness was officially recognized as an independent sport.

Lessons step aerobics

Lesson step aerobics is usually divided into preparatory, basic and final part .  This type of aerobics has about two hundred movements and is performed using a special platform devices, allows you to set the desired height .  The height of the platform, as a rule, is from fifteen to thirty centimeters .  The height of the tap should be chosen depending on the physical training .  Step aerobics lessons for beginners are held on platforms with a minimum height which increases progressively in the future .  Step aerobics exercises may carry people with different levels of training .  They help to lose excess weight and maintain muscle tone in the body .  As a result of the aerobic workout increases respiration rate, heart rate, increased systolic and minute blood volume, enhanced function of the respiratory enzymes in the muscles .  The training alternates power and aerobic exercise, a workout in the unstable degree, training with alternating kardionagruzok and strength exercises, as well as various mixed training, combining classic aerobics exercise and muscle training of various groups .

Lessons step aerobics a positive effect on the nervous system, reducing anxiety and aggression towards others and healing from depression.

The basic step aerobics exercise for weight loss

This type of aerobics for the same period of time burns more calories than classical dance aerobics. When doing step aerobics to lose weight, use the following set of basic exercises:

  • right foot should stand on the platform and put her left foot. Then again, starting with the left foot;
  • right foot is necessary to stand on the platform and put her left foot. Then the right foot on the floor, and behind her left. Then repeat all, starting with the right foot;
  • right leg should be bent at the knees and put on a platform. Next, you need to lift the left leg off the floor and put it back. Then the right foot should be removed from the platform and put to the left. All repeat, starting with the left foot;
  • right foot is necessary to stand on the platform and left bent at the knees, pull up and put on the floor. Then the right leg removed from the platform and put to his left leg. All repeat, starting with the left foot.  The basic step aerobics exercises

All exercises are recommended to perform at least ten times. When performing step aerobics at home should remember that the rise of the platform should take place not through the back, but by feet. Also, do not more than one minute to perform the movement of the same leg or arm. During exercise should always keep back straight and your feet flat on the platform set.

Music for step aerobics

Music - an important point of training. For step aerobics is suitable not any music. After all, the music maintains the rhythm and mood. From properly chosen music for step aerobics classes and determine the effectiveness of the value of loads. Music for step aerobics should be bright and lively. Before the final choice of music to practice step aerobics at home you need to repeatedly listen to selected tracks. Start training should be a leisurely and slow songs. This music is perfect for warm-up and the final part of aerobics. Some instructors believe that for step aerobics music should be instrumental. Instrumental music will immerse themselves in the process of training and not be distracted by the lyrics.

Contraindications for step aerobics

Aerobic exercises of this type can not be performed in diseases of the leg joints, cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases of the kidneys, the liver, the preconditions for varicose veins.