How to remove fat from the back

If there is insufficient physical activity on the back muscles and over-nutrition, leading to obesity, are formed on the back folds of fat. Depending on the body, they may advantageously be located at the top or bottom of the back, and with a strong obesity fat folds distributed over the entire back. Often fat accompanied by pain in the spine and postural problems.  How to remove fat from the back right?

How to remove fat from the back: how

There are the following factors provoking the accumulation of fat in the back:

  • Hereditary or constitutional predisposition;
  • Lack of physical activity on the body, a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Disturbances in eating habits, overeating, unbalanced diet;
  • Stressful situations that trigger the uncontrolled increase in appetite;
  • Destructive changes in posture due to the length of time in the wrong positions and positions;
  • Various endocrine disorders or hormonal disruptions.

Therefore, in order to properly understand how to remove fat from the back, you must determine the root cause or set of causes that triggered the accumulation of fat in this area. To begin to undergo an in-depth internal examination and its results to determine how to remove fat from the back as efficiently and with health benefits.

The choice of how to remove fat from the back, depending on age, physical condition and expert advice. There are roughly two ways:

  • Radical surgery - liposuction, which allows you to remove from the back of a large amount of body fat;
  • Conservative - suggests avoiding harmful habits and lifestyle changes, increased physical activity, exercise, diet and fat burning drugs and money.


Almost every plastic surgery clinic now offers a liposuction procedure in the back. This method allows to remove significant amounts of adipose tissue by its dilution followed by aspiration. Liposuction - quite an expensive operation, which is performed under general anesthesia and requires a long period of post-operative rehabilitation. The main thing - there is no guarantee that, having returned to normal life, you do not reach the former weight and fat folds on the back has not recovered. This is an extreme measure, and it should be resorted to only when you are finally convinced that massage, diet and exercise did not give any effect.  A set of exercises to remove fat from the back

Remove the fat from the back: exercises

In order to get rid of extra folds on the back, need exercise to strengthen the back muscles, give them tone, increase the processing of calories in the body and correct posture. To do this, we recommend the following classes:

  • Daily complex gym;
  • Swimming;
  • Yoga;
  • Callanetics;
  • Pilates;
  • Daily walks and climbing stairs on foot;
  • Training in the gym.

You must remember to remove the fat from the back, the exercise should be carried out often, but with a small load. This will avoid excessive pressure on the spine, which is already suffering from excess weight and reduce the risk of injury to the back. All classes, it is desirable to carry out under the supervision of experienced instructors to under their supervision do not cause irreparable harm to their health one wrong move.

At home, you can perform the following simple complex to remove the fat from the back. These exercises should be included in the daily morning exercises or perform separately:

  • Standing on all fours, hands and knees shoulder width apart, at the same time straighten the right leg and left arm, bending back. Do 8-10 times on each side;
  • Sitting on the floor, focus on straight arms from behind, severing the buttocks off the floor, lifting them up, head tilted back, a couple of seconds fix the situation. We do 8-10 times;
  • Sitting on a chair, tilt your body forward 45 degrees, feet firmly pressed to the floor. Take in the hands of dumbbells (weights), weighing up to one kilogram and bend elbows, placing them back, trying to bring the shoulder blades together. Do 8-10 times, but in the beginning, if hard, you can reduce the number of repeats;
  • Lying on the floor, arms outstretched, legs straight, arms straight perform lifting while the upper body with a mandatory fixing position for 10 seconds. Perhaps the use of weighting and gymnastic stick. We do 8-10 times;
  • Standing on all fours, hands and knees at a right angle, flex the back forward and back, like a cat, capturing 10 seconds of extreme positions. Make 8-10.

In deciding to make his back straight, beautiful, no ugly fat folds, you should tune in for a long hard work and largely restrict themselves, changing the favorite habits. But if you carefully implement all the recommendations will be a great reward regal posture with a perfect back and excellent state of health.