Sex Dance

Sex is a kind of dance fitness exercises based on the pylon with elements of gymnastics and acrobatics Shestova. This type of fitness is designed to strengthen all muscle groups, enhance choreography and plastics.  Gender dance - classes on the pylon

Features floor dance lessons

Sex is a form of dance sport pole dance, which is the sixth for the various elements of choreography and acrobatics. In this kind of fitness emphasis is directed to the musicality and plasticity.

There are several schools of dance floor, which are based on sports orientation, Shestova acrobatics and complex performance elements.

The dance floor for beginners are simple elements of plastics and acrobatics with the sixth floor. On average, the level of skill executed rotation around the pylon and other dynamic elements. At the highest level are performed acrobatics on the pole height of 2-3 meters.

An important feature is the purity of the dance floor stunts and ductility transition from one element to another.

When the elements of the dance floor you need to keep your knees straight and elongated toes and work out all the details in focus and movements. An important criterion for this is to match fitness movements to music.

Sport dance floor requires endurance, good coordination, agility and flexibility. Dancers must have a high muscle tone, good stretch and grace.

Almost all classes are based on the dance floor aerobic exercise, which is conducted before a special workout to warm up the muscles. In general, during a dance floor elements involved muscles of the upper body, back and press.

Gender dance for beginners spend gently with a long warm-up and stretching exercises reinforced. In the first lessons you must learn to control his body, and to be able to feel the pylon balance.

Elements of dance floor

Currently, the dance floor is a popular dance fitness. Since 2003, many countries are international competitions in dance floor. The competition was the main focus is on artistry and athleticism, as well as the purity and precision of execution elements.  Dance floor - a popular form of dance fitness

Elements of dance floor can be divided into two basic styles: the artistic and athletic. Sports items designed for high endurance and physical training, and artistic elements must be original, bright and spectacular.

Training in this area is carried out in a variety of fitness clubs and schools. International schools dance floor divided into several categories by type of acrobatic elements and content of the program.

The main schools of dance floor are the dance and sports. The dance school is preparing dancers with choreographic aesthetic orientation programs. The sports schools offer classes for individual and common acrobatic programs aimed at improving physical fitness, increasing muscle mass and athleticism.

Benefits dance floor

The main advantages of the dance floor are:

  • the ability to strengthen muscles;
  • increasing the flexibility and plasticity of the body;
  • smartness of the skin and anti-aging;
  • improving coordination;
  • reduction of excess weight;
  • prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and bone structure;
  • maintain the correct posture.

Also in the dance floor plays an important role the aesthetic aspect of training that allows dancers to become more feminine, attractive, graceful, relaxed and confident.