Body ballet

At all times, classical dances were popular. Many girls from early childhood dreamed of becoming a ballerina and perform on the big stage.  Body ballet - dance fitness classes, based on the technique of ballet

Today, many fitness clubs popular body-ballet - a relatively new field of dance fitness, based on the technique of classical ballet. From a technical point of view, body-ballet - quite progressive direction, which can be supplemented with elements of yoga and Pilates.

Preference is given during class load is evenly distributed on all the muscles of the body, but the damage to the joints is minimized. Simplified ballet stretching exercises help to find the flexibility of the joints and spine. But the main thing - body ballet lessons allow to learn to control their own bodies.

To fit exercise body-ballet?

Suitable body-ballet for people previously had injuries of bones, as well as for those who are not recommended enhanced cardio workout - jumping, running, etc. There would be lessons for the benefit of people with impaired posture, as well as those seeking to develop flexibility and grace.

Perfect body-ballet classes for beginners and for those who just want to bring your body back to normal, do some interesting kind of fitness. Body ballet pumps perfectly abdominal muscles and leg muscles, removes excess fat in the waist and hips. Special attention in the body of the ballet lessons given stretch.

How are body-ballet lessons?

One lesson lasts an average of 50-90 minutes. Exercise body ballet are doing medium intensity mode. Most often, in the curriculum includes:

  • the main elements of classical ballet dancing;
  • ballet exercises;
  • ballet jumps, power of motion;
  • ballroom dance steps and complete studies;
  • stretching - increasing the flexibility of muscles and development of plastic body.

As in any other sport, exercise body ballet begins with a warm-up, which gradually becomes a main part and ends relaxation. In the first introductory lesson you will learn the basic poses and technical nuances of the machine near the ballet.

Some clubs in the program body-ballet choreography also include the ground - training in the supine position and sitting, which reduces the load on the foot, and at the same time increase it to other muscle groups. Often exercises are added elements of yoga, Pilates, Callanetics.

Sami classes are usually held under the sounds of classical music (which has a positive effect on the mind and relieves stress), and the correct execution of the exercises require endurance.

The effectiveness of exercise increases the body Ballet when combined with the correct breathing.

Positive aspects of body-ballet

The first positive quality of this type of fitness is that the group accept people of all ages, with the level of training did not play a role. Therefore suitable body-ballet for beginners. Furthermore, it does not matter dealing complexion.  Lesson body Ballet for Beginners

The first lesson a positive impact on posture, because it strengthens the back muscles. Therefore, this kind of approach fitness for people with unimportant posture or often suffer from back pain.

Classes at the machine help to restore the form of legs, especially the calves, and stretching is a good will. And, of course, getting rid of the extra kilos guaranteed.

During exercise the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and arms are in constant stress, which contributes to a substantial improvement in the figures. But most importantly, it celebrates all involved - a change of attitude to your body and gaining self-confidence. This is especially true of people who previously did not engage in any sport. Training makes walking smoother and more beautiful, improve the plasticity of the body.

Disadvantages body Ballet

First of all, it should be noted that the body in ballet classes for beginners imply a fairly high level of stress. But it is not so much a lack, but a reality. Therefore you must be prepared to ensure that the first time after training you will get sick all the muscles.

The downside can be considered when conducting a regular workout fitness trainer, not a person, directly related to the ballet. So you should take a responsible approach to the choice of the group and the trainer. The ideal option if classes will be held not in the health club, and a dance school.

It should be noted that the body of the ballet exercises quite difficult to carry out at home. Basically, anyone can buy a large mirrored wall and ballet barre present.

Contraindications for classes

Contraindications to body-ballet are:

  • sprains and muscle;
  • back problems;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (eg, bladder).

In what clothes to train?

The ideal situation would be to practice a simple knitted tracksuit. But it is advisable to consider the following recommendations:

  • Pants should be fitting, so you will experience minimum inconvenience during classes. Perfect fitting tights.
  • You can wear a leotard to dance.
  • From shoe is better to choose lighter shoes, sneakers or Gym shoes. Ballet pointe shoes or slippers entirely optional.

When choosing clothes for the body of the ballet should be remembered that the first thing you it should be easy to deal with.