Wushu - a generic name of martial arts that exist in China. The name is composed of two characters - "y" and "shu", which in Chinese means "martial art."

in fact  Stand Wushu
 Wushu - it is the same as Kung Fu. However, according to the Russian tradition, the term "Kung Fu" martial art called, and "wushu" - gymnastic exercises, which are the basis of both physical and spiritual perfection.

Historically, the art of Wushu was conceived as a system of knowledge, which allows to ensure the survival of man in all conditions. Such training helps to develop capacity for the rapid adoption of the necessary decisions and immediate action. However, Wushu is not just for combat training: technique, which uses art, also allow the body to develop the latent abilities, to quickly recover wasted resources, to achieve healing and self-improvement.

Exercising Wushu

Exercising Wushu is a set of exercises, including physical and breathing practices, eliminating the spiritual and meditative. It aims to achieve flexibility, the development of muscles and joints, maintaining endurance and recovery of the organism.

Exercising Wushu has the following advantages:

  • In connection with the presentation of Wushu in special requirements for flexibility athlete, exercise not only contribute to the development of muscles and tendons, and joints. As they say in the East, "who retain flexibility alienate old age";
  • Gymnastics efficiently developing cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body. This is due to the need to exercise flexibility and muscle relaxation;
  • Classes Wushu positive impact on the development of the musculoskeletal system, the formation of posture;
  • The rhythmic and at the same time, smooth movement of the sportsman relieve emotional and muscle tension.

Despite the fact that wushu originally formed as the martial arts, gymnastic exercises are not an imitation of the movements in combat, they are carried out smoothly and gently to avoid stretching the ligaments and tendons.

Before you start a gymnastic lessons Wushu, you need to keep a few important tips:

  • The best way to engage in martial arts early in the morning or in the evening, after cleaning the intestines;
  • Do not exercise on a full stomach, or feeling very hungry;
  • Use during gymnastics loose clothing made from natural fabrics, do not hold down movements;
  • According to ancient Chinese tradition to engage in martial arts should be standing facing north;
  • The exercises use the principle of gradualism, observing moderation in the load;
  • Engage in martial arts regularly - at least twice a week.

Wrestling for Beginners

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or someone who is engaged in martial arts all my life, every workout should start with the development of basic technology. It includes exercises to develop flexibility:

  • shoulder belts;
  • hip
  • lumbar spine.

After a warm-up exercise classes involve a wushu performance of struts and shocks. Rack - position is not static but dynamic in operation, special steps, depending on the situation, different in shape and length. In the initial period of studying Wushu racks for beginners assume the following position of the hands: the hand pressed to his waist and clenched into fists, elbows retracted.

Main landing in Wushu:

  • Binbu. Legs together, back straight, weight evenly distributed on both limbs;
  • Mabou. The most important counter in wushu. It is used not only for developing technical actions, but also for the breathing exercises, strength of leg muscles, increase endurance. Feet placed shoulder-width apart, feet pointing forward and parallel to each other. Athlete squats, bending your knees so that your thighs are parallel to the surface. Back straight, stomach in, knees turned outwards;
  • Gunba. Rack enables quick maneuver, enabling application of a powerful blow on the move, or on site. One foot is performed long stride, the leg bent at the knee. Sock front foot is in line with the heel of the back facing the limb;
  • Syuybu. Rack is used for kicking, waste unit and the gap distance. The feet are placed in the side. Sit down on one leg, bending the knee, move her entire weight of the body. Sock front foot is in line with the heel of his feet, standing behind.

Once a student has learned the uprights, wushu for beginners involves mastering the art of movement in both racks  Wushu improve physical fitness of children
 towards the front and towards the rear. The task of learning - learn how to move from one rack to another, given the proper position of the body, arms and legs.

Wushu for children

According to studies, employment Wushu improve neuro-psychological status and physical fitness of children. Perform complex-coordinated movements of the complex Wushu promotes formation of such qualities as endurance, discipline, balance, concentration, attention, memory, speed and reaction speed. Children involved in this type of gymnastics inherent vitality, optimism, emotional state of satisfaction.

During the training the children perform exercises to stabilize breathing and relaxation (nerve and muscle) after school.

Wushu for children involves the study of a simplified rate without overloading the exercise, given the lack of skills and motor coordination in children.