Strip dance

Strip dance - dance fitness area, developing femininity and sensuality.  Strip dance - one of the most fashionable contemporary dance styles for women

It originates these things and the direction of the strip is rooted in the distant past. Once in Paris, the Moulin Rouge dancer in the dance took off all my clothes. It threw others into shock, and he later called a striptease dance. A mysterious Mata Hari and his provocative sensual movements could bring the audience to a state of ecstasy.

Strip dance today is one of the hottest dance styles for women. Many believe that a strip-dance involves conventional stripping the music, but this opinion is totally wrong as stripping may not be at all. The first strip dance implies sensuality. It is an art of his own body and the ability to attract the eyes of viewers, as well as plastic and grace of movement.

Unlike conventional strippers, strip-dance fascinates its graceful movements. Dance extremely complicated and rarely crosses the verge of decency. Dance is a beautiful act, devoid of vulgarity, reflecting emotions. Fascinating rhythm of the music and beautiful combination of bends body engross the viewer's attention and make an impression on him.

Today everyone wants to learn the lessons of a woman can strip-dance, and some effort even become a professional in this field. Strip-dance dance excelled in a separate area, and in almost every dance school has a group to study the erotic dance.

Tasks strip-dance

Strip dance helps women to:

  • learn pretty and feminine move, improve your posture;
  • make your body slim and fit;
  • reveal the sensuality;
  • feel confident to disclose its appeal;
  • improve overall self-esteem, to change the attitude to one's own body.

Is it difficult to learn to strip dance?

Plastic strip-dance is considered one of the most difficult. Movement should be not only beautiful, sensual and frank, but also natural. But as they say, it would wish. There is a special training strip dance for beginners. At such training taught special combination of movements that help to hide figure flaws and accentuate her dignity.

Lessons strip-dance can not only improve the shape, but also self-esteem, learn to express themselves in dance and liberating. And as a reward for that you get a beautiful feminine body and the admiring glances of men.

Types of strip-dance

Strip dance is divided into cardio striptease and strip plastic.  Strip plastic - a kind of strip-dance for beginners

Strip plastic - training aimed at stretching, which are held at a slow pace under the appropriate music. As a rule, this type is more suitable strip-dance for beginners.

Cardio striptease is more suitable for advanced lovers of fitness. By stretching techniques are added to defile and dynamic set of exercises begins to use different accessories that add originality and spice to dance.

The curriculum strip dance

Lessons strip-dance meant pretty serious strain on the body. Strip dance is difficult to imagine without stretching, so the mandatory training strip dance for beginners involves daily stretching exercises. Standard strip dance training consists of:

  • stretching;
  • fashion shows;
  • teaching acting;
  • Learning plastic on the floor;
  • Learning about the sixth and the plastic walls;
  • work with objects, learning to dance around a chair;
  • private dance productions.

When the result of the training?

The speed of obtaining results from training depends on your desire and a coach who has been your training. Some masters are paying more attention to the art of dance performance, the other - stretch. As with any dance, strip dance requires extraordinary effort and physical effort and time for regular workouts. You must be prepared for what will have to work hard, or achieve the desired result will not be possible.

If you practice hard, the result will show up pretty quickly. Note, however, that in the absence of a good stretch for the development of a strip-dance will take a long time.

Important role played by the competence of the teacher and his ability to find an individual approach to every student. Then the desire to take lessons in a strip-dance you will not be gone after the first workout.

In general, a strip-dance - a very useful exercise, because it strengthens the muscles of the body and heals the woman's body. The woman begins to not only look better, but is more sexy. But most importantly - it takes confidence. And this is an important moment for all spheres of life.